Simple Double Door Play Fridge

New updated plans here

 This cute little fridge can store more than just play food! Also, there are plans available online for the traditional style fridge, like my daughters, so check them out too!

These photos are from The Crafting Chicks. Thanks Kirsten!


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Author Notes: 

New updated plans here.

Shopping List: 

1 - 8' 1x12 Board 

1 - 4' 1x10 Board 
1 - 1x2 Board 
1 - 6' 1x8 Board 
2 - 20" brass bar pulls 
2 - Sets of hinges
17 x 36" plywood 
2" nails, glue, sanding paper
Wood Filler and finishing supplies
wood conditioner
paint brush
measuring tape
safety glasses
hearing protection
General Instructions: 

Measure and cut your boards. Work on a clean level surface. Measure and mark out joints before fastening. Use 2" nails and glue unless otherwise specified. Adhere to proper safety guidelines and use proper safety equipment. Check for square after each step.

36" Tall x 12" Deep x 17" Wide
Cut List: 

2 - 1x12 @ 35 1/4" for the sides 

1 - 1x12 @ 15 1/2" for bottom shelf 
1 - 1x12 @ 17" for top 
3 - 1x10 @ 15 1/2" for shelves 
1 - 1x2 @15 1/2" for toekick 
2 - 1x8 @ 32 3/4" doors
17 x 36" plywood
Cutting Instructions: 
Make sure you measure your 1x8 doors first for that perfect fitting door. If your 1x8s don't measure 7 1/2" wide, consider cutting your shelves a little less narrow.
Step 1: 

Build the Box. Start with a side and attach the shelves, and the toekick with nails and glue. Attach your shelves as desired, perhaps measuring your kids food items and baskets before I mark with a tape measure and square where all the shelves should be placed first to ensure everything is built square.

Step 2 Instructions: 

Shelves and Other Side. Attach the other side, and then the top. Attach the plywood to back making sure the piece is square. Use glue and tack nails or 1 1/4" finish nails to attach the back. Make sure you fasten to the shelves, too.

Step 3 Instructions: 

Doors. Attach the doors with the hinges, and fill any visible nail holes with wood filler and sand and paint as desired. Attach the bar pulls.

Estimated Cost: 
Skill Level: 


I can not find those hinges either?! did you ever get an answer?

I'm in the process of building this and a single 8' 1x12 is 7" too short. The 8' board gives you 96", but the plans require 103" total. Also, my 1x8's for the door only measure 7 1/4, so they are too narrow :( Guess I'll be ripping a 1x10 to fit.

I just built this and also needed an additional 1x12. I thought about making it a little shorter but changed my mind. Measure your 1x8 for the doors before cutting. Mine was 7 1/4" so I adjusted my shelfs, top and bottom by 1/2" to make it for without having to do a rip cut.