Queen Sized Storage Bed

Special thanks to Twenty Six 2 Life for sharing their bed made from these very plans. This bed plan is unique because it's just three benches, arranged to make a bed. Drawer plans, daybed plans, and king and full plans are also available.


Projects built from this plan. Thank you for submitting brag posts, it's appreciated by all!


Shopping List: 

Wood Shopping List Make sure you read this post on choosing your wood. If you choose to save a little by buying MDF, you need to spend a little extra for special screws. You will need to screw the piece together when using MDF. 5 Piece of 3/4" Hardwood Plywood 4 - 1x2s 3 - 1x3s 3 - 2x4s

120 grit sandpaper
paint brush
measuring tape
safety glasses
hearing protection
Table Sawor Circular Saw with Kreg Rip Cut
General Instructions: 

Cut out all your pieces as directed in the cut list. Make sure your plywood or MDF pieces are perfectly square. When fastening, you can use 2" nails or 2" screws, unless otherwise directed. Always use glue. Remeber, you need to make 3 benches.

Fits a standard Queen Mattress
Cut List: 

Cutting List for 3 Benches A) 3 - 3/4" plywood @ 58 1/2" x 15" (back of the benches)
B) 6 - 3/4" Plywood @ 20" x 15" (sides of the benches)
C) 3 - 3/4" Plywood @ 20 x 60" (top of benches)
D) 3 - 3/4" Plywood @ 19 1/4" x 58 1/2" (Shelves)
E) 3 - 3/4" Plywood @ 19 1/4" x 12 1/2" (Cubby Divider)
F) 3 - 1x2 @ 60" (Trim for face of bench, top)
G) 3 - 1x3 @ 60" (Trim for face of bench, bottom)
H) 9 - 1x2 @ 11 3/4" (Trim for face of bench, vertical)
Cutting List to modify one of the benches to a foot bench
I) 2 - 1x2 @ 20 3/4" (Trim for sides of foot bench, top)
J) 2 - 1x3 @ 20 3/4" (Trim for side of foot bench, bottom)
K) 2 - 1x2 @ 11 3/4" (Trim for side of foot bench, back corner)
L) 2 - 1x3 @ 11 3/4" (Trim for side of foot bench, outside front corner)
Cutting List for Center Spacer
M) 2 - 2x4 @ 60" (Sides of the spacer)
N) 6 - 2x4 @ 17" (Joist for the spacer)
O) 1 - 3/4" Plywood @ 20" x 60" (Top of Spacer)

Step 1: 

Back and Sides of Bench. Fasten the back (shown in blue, piece A) to the sides (shown in green, pieces B) as shown above. Do this for all 3 benches.

Step 2 Instructions: 

Bench Top. Fasten the top of the bench, C (shown in purple above) by nailing or screwing through the top of C into the ends of A and B (shown in blue and green above). Do this for all three benches.

Step 3 Instructions: 

Cubby Divider. Fasten the cubby divider, E, as shown above in green. Use the above measurements to guide you. Make sure you nail through the top, bottom and back into the edges of E. Also check for square (see HOW-TO section). Do this for all 3 benches.

Step 4 Instructions: 

Trim Out of the Bench Front. Begin by nailing F in place (shown in green above). Keep all outside edges flush. Then nail G (shown in purple above) in place as shwown above, keeping outside edges flush. Finally, nail H (shown in blue) in place. Center the middle trim H on the vertical divider. For the outside trim H, keep outside edges flush. Use the measurements above to guide you. Do this for all 3 benches.

Step 5 Instructions: 

Trimming out the sides of the foot bench. Arrange the 3 benches as shown above. For the foot bench, you will need to trim out both ends as shown above. Do this for only 1 of the benches.
Start by fastening I in place (shown in green). Then fasten J in place (shown in pink). Then fasten K in place (shown in purple). Finally, fasten L in place (shown in blue). Keep outside edges flush. Whenever you are nailing into just the plywood sides, make sure you use nails or screws less than 1 1/2" long. Still use the longer nails or screws when fastening into the end edges of boards.

Step 6 Instructions: 

Framing the spacer. Start with boards M, shown above in blue. Mark out the placement of all the joist first (shown in green above). Then predrill. Then add the joists, N, shown in green above.

Step 7 Instructions: 

Adding the Spacer. Predrill and secure the spacer in place, using 2" screws. Follow the measurements and instructions above. (You may wish to assemble the bed in the room)

Step 8 Instructions: 

Final Bed Assembly. You may wish to sand and paint or stain the bed first, then move into your room, and then fully assemble. I recommend doing a test assembly first. Add the plywood to the top of the spacer, as shown above. Then use 1 1/4" screws to screw from the insides of the cubbies into the adjoining benches, securing all the benches together.

Step 9 Instructions: 

There is no way around a certain amount of scraps. Save your scraps. You can use them to build drawers.

Preparation Instructions: 
If you want to save a little more money, and buy one less sheet of plywood, just cut the top of the spacer from the scraps. Cut 1 scrap at 47" x20" and the other at 13 x 20" . Screw to the the top of the spacer so that the plywood seam is centered on the spacer joist.
Project Type: 
Estimated Cost: 
Skill Level: 


I'm really in trouble now! My sister has been looking at my site and asked if we could build a Stratton Bed together for her. I might be building this too . . . !

For those of you building this bed - I've done some research on the Pottery Barn Stratton bed, and many people have complained that it can create mildew under the mattress because the mattress sits on the benches. I am sure this is true for most captain beds. Might be wise to pick up a rug pad (very cheap) to add a small air gap. That is what Pottery Barn recommends.

When I built this bed over a year ago, I went to a local furniture store and the sales lady told me that she has never heard of a mildew problem on mattresses used on platform beds. They sell platform beds at their store and haven't had any complaints. So I didn't buy a rug pad and I haven't had any problems with mildew or mold yet...

It depends where you live – I used to live in Juneau, AK, where everything mildewed, and now live in Albuquerque, NM, where it's almost unheard of.

I am soooo excited! I LOVE this bed plan! Wed don't have a box spring for our bed and I've been looking for a good platform bed but they're so spendy. This is perfect and budget friendly! My parents have decided for Christmas to help us buy the wood and build this bed for me! I'm very excited for Christmas so I can have this bed. I'll post pics and let you know how the build goes. This will be the first thing I've helped build since shop class in HS. It's been a LONG time! Thanks again for the plans, Ana. :)

For years I've used a similar concept...... the drawers and frame from a water bed! Not as nicely finished as these, but it kept the mattress off the floor and provided extra storage.

Great plans! Looking forward to looking at your other plans.

Minor error in cut list... Part M should be 60 inches not 20.

Will sat I find the center section a bit amusing. strong enough to drive trucks over. If this was part of a home floor, it would have only the two long beams and only a cross piece at each end. Your design will out last the house it is in (grin).

Thanks for posting them as free plans!

Hi John, Thanks for catching that! You are the first out of some 30,000. I will fix this right away.

If you are doing it yourself, you might as well be doing it right, right? Of course, you could just build the spacer as you say.

Glad to have you on my blog!


In the plans on step 4 it calls for a board 58 1/2 x 19 1/4" but it's not on the diagram for cutting the plywood?? Are you just missing this part? or am I reading the plans wrong?

You are totally right - there needs to be 2 more of D, the bottom shelf of the bench. To save you plywood, what I would do is on the last piece of plywood, cut 2 of these out (instead of the piece for the top of the spacer, 20" x 60").

Go ahead and build all the benches as stated in the plans. Build the spacer frame. Then from your scraps, cut 2 pieces of plywood to fit on top of the spacer. Just make sure that the splice in the plywood is centered on one of the spacer joists. (each piece will be approximately 20" x 30"). As you can see from previous comments, the spacer is overbuilt as it is, and does not need a full sheet of 3/4" plywood.

When I get a free second, I will modify the cutting layout to show this.

Thanks for catching this!


I have just found your site and am looking forward to trying many projects! I would love to make a full size stratton bed for my 10 year old son. Would it be possible to modify that plan??
Here's hoping,


Pottery Barn does not make a full size stratton bed. In fact, they call this bed (knocked off in this plan) a Full/Queen.

A queen measures 60x80. The platform for this bed is 60x80.

A full measures 54x75. This would mean about 3" of the top would show around the mattress. It meets the standards of those purchasing this bed for a full size, so I most likely will not modify this plan in the immediate future to fit exactly to a full size.

Ana, Great Site! Just made all of the cuts, but realized that your list is short a 1X3 as 3 are needed for 3 - 60". Additionally, I had an extra 2X4 and an extra 1X2. I will be assembling tomorrow as I'm one of those people that doesn't stop until it is complete. Thanks for all your hard work on the site and plans.

Our family downsized to a much smaller home a few months ago and none of our furniture fits in the new space - including our big sleigh bed! This is exactly what we want to buy - but now my husband and brother can build it for a lot less! Brilliant! When we build it this spring, I'll send you pics.

Ok, I am soooo excited to have found these plans. My husband and I have been talking about building a bed just like this for some time now because I am too cheap to fork out the money for some boards of wood but since neither my husband nor myself have any woodworking experience he has been resistance to start our first project with something this big. Your plans have giving both of us the confidence to try and tackle this long awaited project. Thank you so very much. We are going to start tomorrow!! I will let you know how it turns out. Yay!

Dear Ana, I just love this bed! Thank you very much for sharing your plans, I think I'll be able to build something like that for myself. Only... I'm afraid the mattress may slide off the benches. Shouldn't I add some sort of skirting (sorry, I don't know how to name the thing in the furniture-makers' lingo) around the top? If so what is the best way to fasten it to the benches? Mary

I love this bed! I'm going to modify it to fit exactly a double sized mattress...my son's room is small and his Ikea Hopen bed is just too big. I love the drawers, I may be able to get away with not having a dresser in the room, which will save space too!

I love this site--now in my favorites! I have been way too cheap to buy furniture and have been drawing up plans for several things these last few months. This bed is exactly what I wanted to build my daughter because her room is too small for a dresser. Now I am ready to jump right in. Thanks!!


Is there a way to download or print this plan?


PS. Loving your site, by the way. Can't wait to furnish our house with handmade furniture!

Hi Ana,

My husband found you online and now I'm hooked. :) Many people have asked about this bed in a king size, I was also curious to know those building instructions as well. Where can I find those instructions? Thanks. :)

OMG - I love your site and i love it even more now because of this set of plans. I have ADORED this bed from PB but refused to pay the price. Now I'm so looking forward to building this with my husband.

Question though...I see multiple comments asking if there are measurements possible for a king-size bed...and then someone said in the comments that they found it...but I cannot find where it mentions King-Size. Can someone please help?

Ana - You rock! Thank you for creating this blog! :)

have been trying to get my husband to build this bed for 5 years.. now i may actually get it done! question though, what are some places that people have had luck finding the baskets? -im having some trouble that.

My husband and I have been eyeing a bed for 2 years that is almost identical to this one, but it is priced at $1500! I just sent him a link to this and cannot WAIT to build it ourselves! Thank you so much for your hard work and willingness to share!

My husband just built this for me for Mother's Day. It was fun to do together and looks great! I got baskets from www.thebasketlady.com for $40 each. It was the underbed basket, jumbo size. Slightly lower than PB's baskets (8in vs 11in) but a better fit in width and depth. The Basket Lady has coupon codes on facebook. Whole thing with baskets was undr $500! Thanks very much for the plans!

I'll be building this for my oldest son - 13. The for my middle son, 11 I need to adjust to a California King. Are you able to help adjust the measurements for a California King? I'll also to the dressers and headboards.

I'll let you know how they go. ;-)

Hi Ana,

Great plans, but I have a quick question. I was thinking about buying 3 1 cube x 5 cube benches from IKEA and using those as my base, with either a spacer in the middle or a piece of plywood on top to act as the platform. Do you have any thoughts on the viability of this?

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Ana,

Your site is AMAZING!!! I have been looking for cheap and easy ways to furnish our house since the military doesn't pay enough to cough up over a grand for a bed. I'd like to know however if I could double drawers on the bottom, so instead of having one set of drawers I'd have two. I realize it would be somewhat high, but I think I could probably find an easy set of steps to get into the bed on this site. How would I go about doing this? This is the link to the bed that I wanted but I don't want to pay this much for it. Thanks so much.


Hi Ana,

Thanks for your work with the plans. I was considering making the storage bed but I wanted to use an American Dark Walnut Plywood. The edges are an issue and I have heard of edge banding although that would likely dramatically increase the project time. Is there any way you could suggest to make this bed using solid wood. Would you use pocket holes to secure boards together to get the desired width for the benches? Just curious. I wanted to use solid wood if possible.

[...] plunge, and so far it looks amazing at a fraction of the cost!  Ryan did modify the plans for the queen size storage bed (he was afraid the 3/4 inch hardwood plywood wouldnt move well).  So he built it all from 2x4s, [...]

Are these plans for a twin stratton bed? Do you have drawer plans for twin stratton?
Do you think you could use slats to eliminate the "mildew" problem under the mattress?
Love your site! Thanks for all the great plans. I hope to post some photos soon!

just wanted to let you know that the measurements are off if you are using plywood because it isn't really 3/4 of an inch thick. this is what i think they should be:
A) 58 5/8" x 15"
B) stays the same
C) stays the same
D) 19 5/16" x 58 5/8"
E) 19 5/16" x 12 1/2"
that is what i've come across so far as i'm building this project.

3/4" plywood actually measures 23/32"

My measurements were:
A) 58 9/16" x 15"
D) 19 9/32" x 58 9/16"
E) 19 9/32" x 12 1/2"

I usually build in metric so I can avoid spending so much time doing fractions!

Finally built this, used rough grade plywood from Home Depot and had them do all the cutting. Only $20.00 for all the cuts. Am thinking a sanding when it warms up (have to do work outside, only have a small workshop), then a dark paint to match some stained things we have in our bedroom.

I did take some liberties with the plans... 2x4's are way to much for this structure, glued and screwed 1x4 instead. Being over 250 it seems fine.

Also found a great buy at Canadian Tire, square baskets the fit 2 wide where the drawers are to go. Baskets are $9.99 each. I was going to post a couple of pictures but only have them on my Blackberry.

Peter & Pam Langevin

How can mildew form under an indoor bed? Would setting the mattress on the benches without the plywood in the middle help that at all? I'm a bit confused.

My son is going to make this in woodshop. I am concerned about the third to last comment where Kim said the measurements are not right. Is she correct? Are these plans not going to work right? I would hate for him to get going and then not have it work out and then he gets a bad grade plus wastes my money:) I know the plywood is not 3/4" thick and 1x2's and 1x3's are not really that size either. What do you think? HELP!

Great plans Ana. 

I made two of the beds, and posted the projects on my website:

I made a few (very minor) modifications:
1) Made the center support using a drop-in-place 2x2 frame
2) Altered the height of the trim to provide a "lip" to keep the mattress from moving
3) Cut additional slots into the top for the mattress to "breathe"
4) Added 2x2s to the bottom corners to support a "bumper"
5) Reduced the height by 1" (on the second bed)

Thank you for such a great website!

I would love to do this to my current bed, but I would love to keep the headboard I have.  Will that work?  Are there plans for a headboard for this bed, that I might be missing?  Thank you very much.

We're wanting to put a large banquette in our dining area and I'm wondering if these 'benches' would work as a starting point. Any thoughts?

Is there anywhere to find bigger pictures from the instructions? When I click on them it brings up a pop up window with the image but it isn't any larger and I can't see the dimensions at all.


Just wondering if these drawers can fit metal runners or slides? Something about drawers that don't have hardware doesn't appeal to me. I like the idea of the baskets, but not for clothes.

Hi Anna,
I was noticing that since you moved the old plans to this new site I can't read any of the plan dimensions. Zooming in either online or on the PDF doesn't work - the image quality is too low. For example, in step 3 of this plan, I am trying to read the measurement for centering the divider but there is just no way. I will work it out for myself but it is kinda disappointing as I have been planning on building this plan for well over a year and when I first printed it (lost that print out) the images were large and easy to read.

Hi Ana,
I'm new and want to build the stratton queen bed with drawers. My problem is that I cannot read the measurements on the colored drawings. I've tried the PDF versions and also tried expanding the font size. Nothing works for me. I must be missing something. Can you or someone who's been using your plans help me with this? Thanks so much.
Jeanean Bishop

Would it be feasible to build this and use baskets instead of the drawers? Are the drawers adding strength to the structure?

Love this bed but was wondering if you have the plans for it in a full size? Or has anyone been able to figure out how to change the plans to build a full size?


i would love one with three drawers on each side and a space to store bulky items in the middle with a door kind of thing at the end i think i am going to try to figure out how to do that... has anyone found plans that have this feature? or a head bored that has the shelving at the top of the captain bed? thanks.

Go to the original Wordpress blog at:


Slide down to the very bottom of that page. Slide up to the First big black exclamation point. That's the beginning of the Queen Stratton bed instructions. If you slide up a bit more you will find the drawer instructions.

I found clicking on each image to display the larger size, then copying and pasting into Word, got me the clearest images.

So, I was wondering if staining this bed instead of painting it (as all the people who have made it so far seem to have done) is an option. I understand that oak and pine don't hold stains in the same way, but would it look bad? Or do people just generally paint this because they want everything to completely match (I don't have a problem with a little mismatch - adds interest!)?

The surface on most plywood you'll buy at a home center is pine, so you'll actually be fine, with all of your woods taking stains pretty uniformly. I made a similar bed for my daughter, and finished it with amber shellac. It gives it a golden color. The beauty of using shellac is that it applies uniformly and dries quickly. The downside is that you have very few color selections. There's blonde, amber and garnet. Of the three, exactly one is available in a can in a store. The rest you have to track down the raw flakes and mix with denatured alcohol.

Can you please tel me where to find the shellac you recommended? I don't like to use stain on plywood because it's too blotchy, and the preconditioner doesn't help much. Thanks! wimsy


These are awesome plans and plan on starting as soon as school's out but I have a question. Couldn't you make the side benches deeper for larger drawers and remove the need for a spacer or would that cause problems?

Hello never done any wood work but love this bed and want to try, but i think i would want more storage were can i find the directions on how to double the amount of drawers...

I will be using your design to build this bed. I currently hive a medal frame with no headboard and we need the storage for our things.

I do have one statement. I think that if you are adding drawers to the design then the back of each bench could be open as long as you provide lateral and vertical support. The spacer in the middle will help support the weight. You could cut 3 to 4 inch strips of plywood (or any 3/4" inch scrap) to conserve wood and spend even less. What do you think?

I really like you plans and will use them as a guide. I will also be building your closet organizer as well. I am so glad I found you.

Very Respectfully,

I will be using your design to build this bed. I currently hive a medal frame with no headboard and we need the storage for our things.

I do have one statement. I think that if you are adding drawers to the design then the back of each bench could be open as long as you provide lateral and vertical support. The spacer in the middle will help support the weight. You could cut 3 to 4 inch strips of plywood (or any 3/4" inch scrap) to conserve wood and spend even less. What do you think?

I really like you plans and will use them as a guide. I will also be building your closet organizer as well. I am so glad I found you.

Very Respectfully,

Hi I was wondering if the downloaded pattern has all the adjustments mentioned in the comments or if I need to add them?

and if theres away to add 5" of height to this, and it still be sturdy ?
would love some help I will be starting this, this week !!

I keep receiving these e-mails stating that there is a new comment, but when you click on the link..........NOTHING NEW. Is there something wrong with the site?

Hello. I'm jumping in to the woodworking game with this project. I know -- CRAZY!! Anyway, Lowes has agreed to cut the plywood for me (thank you), and I'm going to put it together. I've studied the plans for days, but I have a few questions.

1) I was looking at screws, and while the plans say 2", they don't list the size (10, 12, etc.). Given I think I'm going to be screwing into the edge of plywood (see question below), I would think I would need a thinner screw, but I wasn't sure, and the gentleman at Lowes wouldn't say.

2) Also, I have the Kreg jig coming ... if I use it on this, or decide to use the countersink bits I got, do I need to use special wood or Kreg screws, or will any do. You mention in your TOOLS AND TIPS section using "gold" screws -- do you mean brass?

3) And forgive my ignorance but how many screws would you use to join the plywood edges?

4) Any suggestions for making those first two joints -- right angles with huge pieces of plywood sounds awkward ...

5) I know I must predrill the holes, (and I assume it's with a slightly smaller drill bit than the screw size), but do I screw into the edge of the plywood?

Thank you so much for your help! Am so excited to make this bed!

Happy Holidays!


Will MDF work with this project? I know it is weaker than plywood but it is also a lot cheaper. Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm thinking about building this as I want to upgrade to a queen size bed from a full size. If I do, I thinking I may alter the the bench at the foot of the bed to have 2 smaller drawers, but have the center of the bench open in the back and have a door in the center of the front of the bench. That way that long space in the center of the bed can be used for storing things like camping gear or skis. I may want to put a frame around the openings to make up for the support that's being lost from not having a center divider and solid wood across the back.

I have been looking for tutorials on making a bed and at the same time I can use as a storage. Thank you for sharing this Ana. This is truly helpful. I will follow the steps and make one for me. - JustFab

Why is there no support for the cabinets in the middle. Over time, this should cause stress on each cabinet. 60 inch width is too wide not to have something supporting the middle of the cabinet. Probably best to add two supports.

Is there a way that I can make this disassemble-able? My husband is in the military and I KNOW we'll be moving at some point. Is there an easy way to get the benches/spacer in 2 pieces for transport?

Also, I'll be building this for our guest room. Our most frequent guests are the in-laws and they are larger people. Any idea about the weight limit?