King Storage Bed

Creating a King Size Storage bed is no more difficult than a queen. You simply make the bottom bench wider! As Twenty-Six-2-Life says, those drawers are huge! Thanks for sharing your photos, Kate.


Projects built from this plan. Thank you for submitting brag posts, it's appreciated by all!


Shopping List: 

5 Sheets 3/4" Plywood or MDF (includes drawers)
3 - 1x12 @ 6 feet long (drawer faces)
6 - 1x10 @ 8 feet long (drawer boxes)
5 - 2x4, 8 feet or stud length
10 - 1x2 @ 8 feet long
2 - 1x3 @ 8 feet long

1 1/4 inch screws
2 inch screws
3 inch screws
1 1/4 inch finish nails
2 inch finish nails
120 grit sandpaper
wood conditioner
paint brush
measuring tape
safety glasses
hearing protection
Table Sawor Circular Saw with Kreg Rip Cut
Dimensions shown fit a matress approximately 84" long x 78" wide. Measure your mattress and adjust to fit.
Cut List: 

Cutting List for 2 Benches (SAME AS QUEEN)
A) 2 - 3/4" plywood @ 58 1/2" x 15" (back of the benches)
B) 4 - 3/4" Plywood @ 20" x 15" (sides of the benches)
C) 2 - 3/4" Plywood @ 20 x 60" (top of benches)
D) 2 - 3/4" Plywood @ 19 1/4" x 58 1/2" (Shelves)
E) 2 - 3/4" Plywood @ 19 1/4" x 12 1/2" (Cubby Divider)
F) 2 - 1x2 @ 60" (Trim for face of bench, top)
G) 2 - 1x3 @ 60" (Trim for face of bench, bottom)
H) 6 - 1x2 @ 11 3/4" (Trim for face of bench, vertical)
Cutting List to modify one of the benches to a foot bench

Cutting List for the End Bench (Modified for the King)
A) 1 - 3/4" plywood @ 74 1/2" x 15" (back of the benches)
B) 2 - 3/4" Plywood @ 22 3/4" x 15" (sides of the benches)
C) 1 - 3/4" Plywood @ 22 3/4 x 76" (top of benches)
D) 1 - 3/4" Plywood @ 19 1/4" x 74 1/2" (Shelves)
E) 1 - 3/4" Plywood @ 22 3/4" x 12 1/2" (Cubby Divider)
F) 1 - 1x2 @ 76" (Trim for face of bench, top)
G) 1 - 1x3 @ 76" (Trim for face of bench, bottom)
H) 3 - 1x2 @ 11 3/4" (Trim for face of bench, vertical)
I) 2 - 1x2 @ 24 1/4" (Trim for sides of foot bench, top)
J) 2 - 1x3 @ 24 1/4" (Trim for side of foot bench, bottom)
K) 2 - 1x2 @ 11 3/4" (Trim for side of foot bench, back corner)
L) 2 - 1x3 @ 11 3/4" (Trim for side of foot bench, outside front corner)

Cutting List for Center Spacer
M) 2 - 2x4 @ 60" (Sides of the spacer)
N) 6 - 2x4 @ 33" (Joist for the spacer)
O) 1 - 3/4" Plywood @ 36" x 60" (Top of Spacer)

Cutting Instructions: 
The drawer faces of this piece depend on your 1x10s being 11 1/2" wide. Measure and adjust the height of the bed to fit this measurement. Drawers are designed for undermount slides. If you wish to use side mount slides, adjust the drawer width for the slide clearance (normally 1/2" on each side of the drawer).
Step 1: 

You will need to in addition build the two side benches as directed in the Queen plans. For the end bench, attach the back to the sides as shown here.

Step 2 Instructions: 

Now add the bottom to the end bench as shown here. Attach on all three sides with 1 1/4" pocket hole screws and glue or 2" screws and glue.

Step 3 Instructions: 

Now add the center divider.

Step 4 Instructions: 

The top goes on top. This will all be hidden, so go ahead and screw right through the top into the sides, back and dividers.

Step 5 Instructions: 

Trim out the front as shown here. I would use finish nails and glue.

Step 6 Instructions: 

The sides will match the face frame trim on the side benches if you trim them out. Use 1 1/4" finish nails and glue.

Step 7 Instructions: 

Construct the spacer and use it to attach the three benches (two queen size and the end king). Lay plywood on top or wood slats.

Step 8 Instructions: 

Begin constructing the drawers as shown here. Drawers are optional.

Step 9 Instructions: 

Add the fronts and backs. Mount the faceless drawer into the bed with undermount slides. The drawer will inset 3/4", giving space for the drawer face (next step).

Step 10 Instructions: 

Place the drawer face on the drawer and attach with 1 1/4" snails and glue, leaving an even gap around all sides. Attach handles or knobs as desired.

Project Type: 
Estimated Cost: 
Skill Level: 


So very excited to have found your site. You ROCK! I just spent the last couple years installing all new trim in my home and now am ready to tackle more...can't wait to hone in on a project and mirror your plans.

I am sooo excited to try this, I have been wanting new bedroom furniture but didn't think I could afford what I wanted but this looks like a great solution!!!
Wow, that was a really long sentence, lol!

I just discovered your blog and am doing the happy dance!!

I have wanted a copy of the stratton bed for 2-3 years and hubby refuses to help me build anything without a detailed set of plans. However, After reviewing your plans it looks like you have plans for every size except a full size bed. We have a full size bed in our guest room and don't have any room for anything larger. Can you tell me what the best way to modify one of your sets of plans for a full sized bed would be? Or send a link to point me in the right direction if you have already posted it and I have missed it.

Thank you so much for posting the plans that you work on free for us to use on your blog!

Hi Jeanne, I'm so happy you stopped by! BUT I'm so sorry to let you know that there most likely will not be plans posted for the full size Stratton anytime soon. This is because the differenc in mattress sizes is only 5" on the height and 6" on the width. Pottery Barn does not sell a full sized Stratton because of the similarity in size. They actually consider the queen a full/queen.

The easiest way to modify the plans for a full size would be to make the daybed version, but wider. If you made the Daybed version you would just need to make each of the benches 15" wider.

My husband and I are getting ready to build this bed. I'm contemplating doing drawers or baskets. I was reading through the plans for the building the drawers(flipping between these plans and the plans for the drawers for the queen size bed) - You use 1x10s in the construction of each but in the queen size bed drawer plans you say 1x10s measure 9.5 inches wide - but in the plans to make the drawers for the king size bed your measurement for the 1x10s are 10.5 inches wide...I might be reading the plans wrong...can you tell me which is correct for the king bed drawers?

Hope this makes sense! And we absolutely LOVE your blog. I've shared it with everyone that will listen :) :)

DRAWER SIDES are made of 1x10s that measure 9 1/2" high, not 10 1/2" high as shown in the diagrams.

The king drawers are the same as the queen, just a little wider to accomodated the longer bench on the bottom.

Sorry for the typo in the diagrams - too many late nights!

I love your Blog! Amazing notes. I was looking at the picture for the stratton bed and there are some hutches to the left and right of the bed. Do you have plans for those hutches? I think they are awesome--I would love to use them in my place :)!


oh and I found the baskets for a really good deal at pier ones, but the right size, like the ones in the pics are at bed bath and beyond, cheaper at MICHAELS craft store.

I have already tackled my first project and would like to add this down the line but don't know if it will work with our cal king mattress.
I was reading on Potterybarn's site and they have thier king listed as king/calking with the mesurements almost the same as yours. I am most concerned about the length as the mattress is 84inches long and the boxes are 84 1/4. I am sure you probobly don't have a cal king bed but do you think this would work for a cal king? Thanks.

We're working on this and noticed a problem. The sides are showing 22 3/4" x 15" in the diagram where you attach the sides to the back and they should be 23 1/2" x 15".


I just found your site and LOVE it! I am looking forward to making this!!

My question is whether or not you've received any feedback on these about the bed staying in place? I was surprised to see that there wasn't a lip or anything to secure the bed...

We also discovered the sides of the foot bench need to be 23 1/2 inch.

"I cut it twice and it's STILL too short...."

Luckily my wife noticed it prior to actually cutting.

We love this bed and are planning on building it, but we want to use our box spring with it (no place to store them) will the extra weight be an issue? Obviously, we realize the bed will be higher. Thanks!

I want this exact bed but with full size dimensions and drawer sizes any links out their that can help me?



The finished length on this bed is 84 1/4 inches.  A king mattress is only 80 inches long.  Is that right?  Or do I need to shorten the end box?

I've been reading all the posts and just wanted to let you ladies know - based on the dimensions of the finished bed it fits a regular (Eastern) King Mattress, the standard dimensions for which are 80" long x 76" wide.  It will also fit a California King Mattress, the standard dimensions for which are 84" long x 72" wide.  The bed as shown, says it fits a mattress up to 84" long and 78" wide.  So no adjustments other than correcting the length from 22 3/4"  to 23 1/2" long for the sides of the foot bench as stated earlier no matter what king size mattress.  This also means the bed will leave you with a little lip either lengthwise for a regular king mattress or in the width for a California King, which I like.  That lip will also come in handy should you use a box spring, which we will, because it makes the bed high.  If you don't want a lip you should adjust accordingly- that's the glory of making your own bed. Remember the Pottery Barn Stratton bed is made to accommodate both King sizes, and as this bed is mirroring that design so will it.  One last thing I'd like to mention is to keep in mind what kind of headboard, if any, you are adding.  If you have a regular king mattress and want no lip at the end then creating or buying an upholstered headboard that the mattress sits up against and will push the mattress forward a little may solve your problem.  If you have a California King mattress it might be best to add a headboard that attaches flat behind the head of the bed and doesn't push forward much at all or create an upholstered headboard that fits just above your mattress.  These are just my suggestions.  LOVE THIS BED!

Jeff, any luck on figuring out the undermount drawer slides? I just spent far too many hours scouring the internet learning all about drawer slides (my head hurts! omg there is so much info and so many options and so many little idiosyncrasies amongst all the different was so confusing, so all I could do was read read read read more...and hope they weren't all SOOO expensive). What it seems to come down to is that all the hassle with this particular set of drawers comes from the trim on the front making the drawer so far from the side panels (so it's difficult to side-mount your slides) AND because the drawers are inset (aka flush with the frame, as opposed to an overlay, where the drawer face is on the outside of the frame). I narrowed it down to three undermount slides that were within my budget - one claimed it was for overlay drawers (mounts to the inside of the frame), one for inset drawers (was unclear what that mounted to), and the other for overlay drawer (but mounting to the side wall this time). I ended up just buying the frame-mounting slides for overlay drawers because it was a superrrr deal ($18 for 10 pairs, including S&H). I have no idea if they will work, but I can post back here if I find a way to do it. Otherwise, you could just fiddle with the design a bit to be able to use more common (and cheaper) drawer slides - i.e. make the drawers an overlay design instead of inset, and/or add some wood blocking inside the drawer box behind the face trim to have something to mount the slides to. I will have to play with it once I start building and see if I have any other suggestions :)

You know what...after giving my mind a few minutes away from the computer to rest, it suddenly occurred to me... Most of the applications I was seeing undermount slides used in were for kitchen cabinets, where there is no bottom "floor" in the cabinet. So, the slides have to attach to *something* in the cabinet...thus the side-mount, face-mount, rear-mount brackets, etc that were out there. Now that I think of it, none of them mentioned how the application could possibly change if there were in fact a floor that you could mount the brackets to. So, I'm hoping that it's just as simple as that...the brackets I ordered will just be able to mount to the floor and I can be done with it and happy that I got a great deal :)

Also, you could probably get away with using some center-mount slides (which are technically also in the category of undermount). With drawers this big though, I would make sure to put at least a couple of them on there. And try to use metal and wood guides and slides where possible. Those crappy plastic guides are guaranteed to break with any normal usage of the drawers. (But hey, they're super cheap, so if you don't mind the work of repairing them every so often and are not afraid of your drawers getting dinged up a bit when they fall off the slide, then go for it!)

Anyway, like I said, I'll update once I actually get the slides I ordered and start actually building my drawer boxes :)

Someone was asking about undercount drawer slides. I got mine from Rockler Woodworking. Low-Tec Hardwood sliders for about $11.00 each. But I also put support on the bottom of the drawer openings so the drawers wouldn't tilt from side to side when open. They work pretty well and were super easy to mount.

Here's my version of the bed.

thanks for sharing your your bed. would you mind sharing an approx cost of the project? i am wanting to get this started and would like to budget it out. I think it would be a great weekend project. thanks

I am about to embark on making this KING bed! I have some spare time on my hands before my baby is due in April. I just need some conformation on a couple things I'm confused about. I see this it has been addressed in an earlier blog but I want to dbl check. This is my first time building anything and I have little help. My husband thinks I cant nor shouldn't do this but Im out to set him straight;)

1. Will the adjustment measurement of 23 1/ 2 for the foot/end bench(I assume these are the same) be reflected in the measurement of B) 4 - 3/4" Plywood @ 20" x 15 of the first cut list,("Cutting List for 2 Benches Same as Queen") or does this measurement stay as is?

2. As mentioned above the king drawer measurement is the same as the queen drawer measurements.
So am I to cut the width of the king drawers to the size of the box measurement once they are created? Is that why there is no precise measurement?
Im confused about this bc in an earlier blog its stated they are the same measurements of the queen but need to be adjusted a little wider for the King meaning this can only be determined by me for my bed once I'm at that point.

I hope this isnt too wordy, Ive tried to be as clear and concise about my questions as possible.
Thank you very much for any input you have on these issues and any warnings you wish to share.

I am the last person to discourage someone from taking on a project, but if you have never built anything before, this might not be the best plan to start with. Any project with drawers must be pretty square to work properly and as a first time builder, that might be frustrating. Any chance you'd like to use baskets in the drawer openings instead? That would change the plan to more of a beginner project...

Best of luck whatever you decide to do!! Sorry I can't help more with your specific questions--I built this bed, but it was in a twin :)

Can you please please post dimensions for a cal king bed!!! I'm sooo happy that I found your site tonight! I'm flippin excited to share with everyone else too. So much to browse through.

Thanks again!

I'm about to embark on this project this weekend, but we have wood floors. I'm worried this is going to damage the floors. Any ideas on how/what to put non-damaging footing on this?

I see a few people have asked about the Box Springs, has any one attempted it? My bed definitely requires them, and it was EXPENSIVE! I have a King, any suggestions??

I love this site!

I'm struggling to figure out how to optimize my cuts per plywood piece. How do you know which pieces to cut from which plywood board? I'm about to get some graph paper and start cutting that to make little models before I shred my plywood. There are no websites or apps that help you figure this out either. I found a few expensive software programs, but I'm not willing to shell out the dough for something I won't use much. Am I missing something? Should this be easier than I'm making it?

Living Storage manufactures best quality storage beds with drawers which provide enough storage spaces which can give your bedroom an elegant look.

I also had the shelf for end of bench problem. The cut list has one at 19 1/4 x 74 1/2 but the diagram shows the shelf to be 22 3/4 x 74 1/2. I think the actual measurement should be 22 x 74 1/2 because the 3/4" plywood is on the back. So now my piece is 2 3/4" short. If I attach it at the front and have a 2 3/4" gap at the back, will that work?

That's what I did!! It was too big of a piece to replace, so for extra support I added a brace underneath the shelf all the way across to so the drawers wouldnt bow down in the back, a lil extra work but don't cost you anything! Good luck! I just finished mine today!!

I noticed that several people have asked this but i didnt see an answer. I was just wondering if these plans can be used with the box springs or if it has to be adjusted for use with the box springs and how to adjust them?

Hey Ana,

I read through all of the comments but I didn't see an answer - do you have a suggestion about the box spring? Outside of it being higher - is it suggested not to have it at all or should the plans be modified for this at all? Can't wait to get started on it! Thanks!!!

I was very excited to see this plan as I have very little storage space in my home. I purchased and cut nice oak plywood to the specifications given for the king bench only to find that the "shelf" measurement is not deep enough. Should be 22" not 19 1/4". Now I am out $50+ to buy more plywood. This is my first Ana White project and probably my last.

I'm so excited to begin work on this bed! Our master bedroom is TINY, so we've decided to redecorate and move all our oversized furniture out in favor of new (handmade!) pieces that will do double duty. It all starts with this bed!
I have been wondering though, do you think that the Farmhouse bed headboard would work with this bed? If not, could you recommend one of your headboard plans that would be compatible? Thanks!

Cassie T @ Lovely Weeds

So maybe it has just been a long day but I have been looking at the dimensions for the king bench and something doesn't add up. The finished width and depth do not add up with the given numbers for the 2 sides(B)@ 22 3/4 and the back panel(A) 74 1/2. If you put the back panel in between the two sides plus a piece of 3/4" trim on either side that will give you a final width of 77 1/2 but that will then shorten your depth by 3/4" since the side panels are in fact on the side and give you a final depth of 23 1/2 not the 24 1/4 listed on the plan. The same could be said vice versa by attaching the sides to the front of the back panel instead of on the sides of the back panel. May not seem like a big deal but depending on how you do your pre cut list it could throw off everything else(i.e. your top panel depth, bottom panel depth and also all your trim pieces. correct me if I'm wrong but I really don't think I am missing anything just though that it would be useful for people planning on building this as I am and depending on how you do your cuts could end up costing you more money. Thanks for everything and keep up the great work, I love this site.