Easiest Hanging Daybed

A hanging daybed big enough to fit a standard twin mattress. It has extra room on all sides to hold drinks, books, phones and maybe even a snack.


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I've had these plans drawn up for quite a while now, and  just haven't posted them. Because I thought that they were too simple.

Imagine that, too simple.

I wondered how the hanging daybed would look.

photo by Ana White, Hanging Daybed designed and built by Jacob and Ana White

And then a major media company called and asked if I would build this bed and photograph it for them.  So I enlisted the hubs help and we started building it one evening.  It only took about an hour, without a miter saw (my beloved saw is at the lake, miss ya!) and as we were building it, these are some of the ideas that we had:

1.  Let's turn it into a picnic table top
2.  Let me just burn it.  We need to have a bonfire. (that was NOT me)
3.  Oh, Mom, you made me a deck for my swimming pool!  (again, NOT me)
4.  Don't put too many screws in it, then we can disassemble it and use the lumber for something else (maybe that was me).

You get the idea.  We weren't in love with it.

So I kept repeating to myself, never judge a project until it's finished. Even though I was looking at 17 scrap stud 2x4s put together with 100 screws in the most basic and simple way.  Talk about not a lot to work with.

So we threw it all together, threw Grandma's handmade quilt and threw Aunt Sherry's retro ruffled pillowcases on top, and I tell ya, I was ready to throw myself on too!

photo by Ana White, Hanging Daybed designed and built by Jacob and Ana White
We fell in love with the hanging daybed.
photo by Ana White, Hanging Daybed designed and built by Ana White

It looks good, but oh my, it feels amazing.  Even I, who is often the butt of duct tape and fishing jokes (as in the only way I will relax is if I'm duct taped to the boat) found myself enjoying a quiet swaying.  If you don't have a hanging daybed, do yourself a favor.  Buy 17 2x4s, 100 3" wood screws, 50' of chain or rope and 8 eye bolts and skip your workout and build this.  You won't regret it.  And here's how.

Shopping List: 

17 – 2×4 studs (should be less than $2 each)
100 3″ wood screws
50′ of rope or chain with a load limit of at least 200 pounds (for an 800 pound capacity)
4 – Eyebolts (8 if you also need bolts for the ceiling mount too)
Finishing Supplies as desired
Drill with a countersink and drill bits to match the eye bolts and the screw heads
Saw if you can’t get Blue or Orange to cut your boards for you.

measuring tape
hammer (can be substituted for brad nailer with a nail punch)
safety glasses
hearing protection
see photo
Cut List: 

2 – 2x4s @ 82 3/4″ (Frame Sides)
6 – 2x4s @ 42 1/2″ (Frame Joist)
12 – 2×4 @ 84 3/4″ (Deck Boards)

Step 1: 

Cut your frame sides at 82 3/4″ long. Mark the sides with a carpenter’s square every 14 3/4″ as shown above, leaving a 1 1/2″ gap between the marks for your studs. Then in those 1 1/2″ gaps, predrill two holes with a countersink bit. You can even start your screws. Then screw the studs to the frame sides with 3″ screws.

Step 2 Instructions: 

pply glue to the top of the bed frame and lay the deck boards on the frame. Adjust so that the deck boards overhang 1″ on all sides as shown in the diagram above. Space the deck boards 1/2″ apart and screw down, 2 screws per deck board per joist.

Step 3 Instructions: 

Drill a hole with the appropriate sized drill bit for the lag screws in the corners of the daybed. The pilot hole must be drilled over the bed frame. Apply glue to the pilot hole and screw the lag screw into the bed, securing tightly. TIP: Avoid over tightening and stripping the wood and creating a weak joint.

Step 4 Instructions: 

See finishing instructions.

Step 5 Instructions: 

Locate rafters or beams to hang the daybed on. Install lag screws directly to a beam or rafters, as done with the daybed. Use the rope or chain to hang the daybed at the desired height. TIP: Hang the daybed at 18” to the top for standard bench height. The daybed is ready for a mattress and bedding. DISCLAIMER: Hang and use at your own risk. Failure to properly hang your bed could result in serious injury or even death. Check with local building codes to be sure you roof system can support the daybed.

Preparation Instructions: 
Fill exposed screw holes with wood filler and let dry. Sand the entire daybed with coarse sandpaper. Refill holes as needed with wood filler and let dry. Sand with medium grit sandpaper, followed with fine sandpaper. Vacuum the daybed with a soft bristled brush to remove sanding residue. Follow the instructions on the exterior top coat to apply a protective finish to the daybed. Let dry completely.
Project Type: 
Estimated Cost: 
Skill Level: 


So fun!

I think I need the plans for a pulley system to lift the bed out of the way for day time and let it down for sleeping. Better than a murphy bed! My boys would be all over that - they wouldn't have to make their bed - just lift it out of sight!

What a creative idea. That's something my MIL would think of. She's so creative that way. Always thinking outside the box. I plan to make these beds for my boys this week. I can't wait to get them up!!

I want to see pictures of where it is hanging from. I can't imagine a tree branch long and strong enough? Did you build a frame for it to hang from?

We actually had no intention of keeping this daybed as it was being built, so our plan was to hang it from the swing set frame. And we did. Keep in mind it's a BEEFY swing set frame, but that's why you see the rope at an angle. Be careful about hanging the bed in a place that can adequately support the weight - about 250 pounds per eyehook.

Ana -
It's not clear where those eyes are screwed into.

Are they an eyebolt that goes all the way through the bottom frame, with a washer to keep them from stripping out, or just a big screw-eye going in from the top?

So here's the deal on the eye bolts. I technically used eye lag screws, 4" long, threaded properly with glue and the appropriate sized pilot hole, through both the deck boards and into the frame boards. IMPORTANT: Must be screwed into the frame boards. If you are nervous about doing this properly, I highly suggest using LAG BOLTS with nuts and washers, would need to be 6" long, drilled all the way through the deck and the frame boards. Check periodically if the bolts are still tight. Another method is to use lag bolts drilled horizontal into the frame sides, bolted down with nuts and washers. I would do this on the ends instead of the sides. Hope this makes sense, I've got kid's climbing on me as I type :)

Actually both descriptions refer to the same thing. The phrase is used for both. I would say use eye bolts thru the entire thickness of the frame. After all it would be us using the hanging bed / chair. This means a 6 inch long eye bolt with MACHINE threads, also I would suggest using "body washers" one on top and one on the bottom to prevent any compression (damage) to the wood. The bottom nut should also be a locking type nut to prevent loosening. The end of the bolt can be cut off to remove the excess.

I love the idea of this and have actually been combing the internet for the last month to try to figure out to build one of these myself. I want to replace me old love seat in my sunroom with one of these swinging beds. One questions: any ideas on putting a back and/or arms on this easily. We use our sunroom to read quite a bit and I think we'd need a back on it.

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Please help i am new to all this, how can i do a double bed frame for this?Just for the ground..Measurements please or suggestions!!! This is a great piece and so simple

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We just built this same bed today for my son (indoors, in a corner and bolted to 2 walls). Rather than using rope though we used chains-kind of fits his personality a little better. He was so excited about it and it was a little rough getting him to bed tonight, probably will be the same way tomorrow night. It only took a couple of hours, the plans were simple enough for me to understand (even though my husband did most of the work), and I love the rough kind of unfinished look for it. I will upload pictures of it tomorrow. We added a rail because my son is still a little young for a really high bed.
Some helpful tips? If you are using a chain, make sure that your carabiners (I think that they are called something else at the store, but it's basically a carabiner) fit over your eye lag screws before buying, ours just barely fit. We used our chop saw and were able to cut more than 1 board at a time which made the work go a lot faster. We mounted the framework with the chains before putting up the rest of the boards so that it was lighter. Oh, on the top portion rather than using 2x4s we used 1x4s, we were hoping that it would make the bed a little lighter, although I think that the 1x4s were a little more expensive. We just used the remaining wood to build a rail and tomorrow we will use the rest to make a ladder.
Thanks so much for all of your wonderful plans! We love it, and since my son's room is really small-it opens up a lot of extra floor space for playing.

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I love your work and think you provide a great service! I have a question on this....I have a pergola over my deck and I would love to use this as seating at my long outdoor table. Do you think this is feasible or do you have reservations about this? Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you!

I love this bed and really want to try and attempt this for my son's new "big boy" bed. However, we are getting him a full sized bed.... do you have the dimensions for this sized bed or suggestions on measuring it correctly???

I have a daughter that has moved in to my home with my granddaughter and grandson.  I showed this to my grdaughter and she loved it.  I really want to do this in her room if I can manage it but there is a ceiling fan in there.  She currently has a full size bed but the room she is in is just almost too small for that size bed so we need to go to a smaller bed for her if we can.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I want to make this for my toddler. But how do you locate the beams in the ceiling? And can you use this design for a platform/trundle bed? 

I want to make this for my toddler. But how do you locate the beams in the ceiling? And can you use this design for a platform/trundle bed? 


After reading your post as well as seeing the bunk beds from "the bumper" website I was inspired to create something similar to this. Now it is finished and I would love to share some picture, but am not sure how, without linking to all my pictures on picasa. 

I downloaded both. Can't wait for my husband to go golfing. Not telling him or he'll want to help and i want to do it myself. I'm 74 and used to do woodworking years ago and can't wait to start again. Have to find my tools. These are so fun. Thank you!

I'm hoping these will be in my boys' room by next week:) I LOVE them and when I showed them the pictures of them today they were so excited! I wanted to make them bunk beds but I didn't know if I wanted to commit to them. We've had them in the past and I didn't like them for very long. These are a very fresh alternative. Thank you ANA for sharing your amazing gift and for inspiring so many women to pick up a power tool and not look back!

liked this idea a lot but do not really know if that works for well fed adults - 200lb-250lb? the ouside corners are secured with eye bold and ropes attached tot he bed frame, how about the inner side. How to you attach it to the side wall and wall by the head? Please take into account that some houses are built with single brick wall t divide one residence to the other...

I am so happy I found this site! Have wanted to have a hanging bed for so long and knew it couldn't be that hard to build... only thing is I had no idea how to start and haven't done woodwork since I was a young kid 20 years ago! My dad can figure out just about anything, so I know I have his help, but there is just something about being able to do it yourself that makes it so much better. I'm a struggling transplant patient unfortunately, homebound 95% of my day and waiting for a second transplant after six years of rejection. I definitely won't be doing it all myself but I'm already putting the shopping list together and scheduling my dads time :). We are renovating my new apartment, a loft style space that I got to redesign completely! Never having done design before, I am so excited to have found a new love and passion that helps to fill my endless days... most of all I want to create one of a kind interesting decor that keeps the place fun. (I actually entered the great room into that new HGTV show, HGTV'd, where they choose an ultimate fan to have a one of a kind ultimate, dream come true makeover... it's all I can think about lately even if it's the longest shot ever... but God it would be amazing to have my dream room to enjoy every day, while I am home on IV's) Anyway, I want to create amazing design like HGTV even if they don't come, but need to find a way to achieve it on a very small budget... love to recycle and reuse and this site is so awesome to inspire ideas of how to do that, to learn from, to be walked through step by step... I hope that between now and the new year I am able to come back and post the fun process of transformation. My goal is a place so cozy I don't want to leave, that I can settle into before my transplant call and know it is waiting for me to come back to to heal... and may they do things right this time so I can keep designing and find my way back to life when it's over! If anyone wants to check out our space, I'll add the link below :)... we had a wonderful amish family come and build the maple stairs for us on site, letting me design them myself as we started... I know I love them and am hoping others do to!

Thanks Ana for sharing your talent and inspiration... I am so happy to have found you and look forward to surfing your site and making use of some of your great ideas... this hanging bed for starters!


definitely building the hanging bunk twin beds for my 2 girls this Fall! fabulously rustic chic! my husband is less than handy, so we're planning on having a co-worker who does woodwork build it for us. can you give me an estimate on how much the total supplies cost to build this, including wood for a ladder, so i may have a general idea on how much this project will cost us? wondering what a fair price would be to pay the gentleman building this for us? is this project too heavy to secure to an interior wall? our girls are 5yrs and 2 1/2 yrs old. thanks!

This was what I was looking for! I am building a castle loft bed for my son and I would say it is a frankenstein of beds. We started with a 2x4 college loft bed and then added sides that look like a castle. We decided to remove the legs and add chains to suspend it from the wall but weren't sure how much chain to purchase.

The 50' of chain in your materials list is for hanging it from the ceiling?. What would the length be if we are attaching the chain to the wall instead? We are going to cut it at orange and want to be sure we do it right. I'm going with 3/8" chain, which is overkill but chose it cuz it looks cool for the castle theme but it could get spendy if I cut it wrong.

I love this bed but i am wondering if i can make it a bit bigger but i need the measurements and will it support the new measurements

I have a 7 yr old girl and a 5 yr old boy who currently share a room. I have been redoing their room with different projects from this site. I was thinking about bunk beds but that turned into a huge fight over who was getting the top bunk! =) This is perfect because now they can both have a "top" bunk! Plus it goes with the original idea of redoing the room for separate spaces. We have a 100+ year old farm house, which I LOVE, but it does make it hard to do interior decorating. My kiddos room is 24' long and 12'3" wide, with a closet smack dab in the middle of the room on one side. I am thinking of removing the closet, it would free up a lot of space. I would like to have separate armories with a cubby system for both of them. Any ideas or suggestions are very much appreciated!


I love the idea of the suspended bed. At first I wanted one just for me, but seeing the ones you made against the wall I now want them for my kids too. I'm going with a beach house theme for the home I eventually get and I think these will work well. Can this be used with a full sized bed?

You gave me a great idea. I thought a lot to do something innovative and useful, to to gain more space in house, but I didn't come out with something useful. I will start immediately the changes. But first I have to throw out many unnecessary stuff for the trash removal Calgary agents to take it. With this new piece of furniture and with less things in the house I will have more space, exactly what I want. Thanks for the idea!

I've been wanting one of these for THEEEE longest! I'd always become intimidated before even ATTEMPTING to try it. This blog helped me PUSH myself to do it. Especially, when I saw how "easy" it would be (yeah right). Anywho, I just want to thank you for this post (your entire blog, really)...and let you know that you've helped make me and my daughter the happiest girls in Georgia! Today's her birthday and I wanted to re-decorate her room. It's 12:41 am..and I'm STILL not done...but I'm sleepy, so...Oh...you can view a photo of the finished bed at the link below. :-)



Hi there! I love this plan and I plan on making it for my boy's new room in our new house. Can you tell me what the paint color is on the wall? The grey is perfect!

Thank you for the inspiration! We can not mount to our plaster walls so I adapted the suspended look and added support and a ladder. My son has been away at camp all week. This surprise will be waiting upon his return! How do I post a picture?

hi, i have a 10 year old, a 8 year old and a 5 year old boy who share a room atm. at the moment the 2 younger boys share bunk beds and my eldest has a single bed, my partner and i have been in discussion of what we can do with their room, it always seems cludded and messy, case of the lack of space. the idea was just to buy 3 seprate single beds, but i have always been interested in getting the 3 bed bunks, i have found some but they are very expensive. I do think that this is an awesome idea and love it, but my only concern is that maybe they wont hold the weight of my children. they are not heavy kids my youngers probably weighs the same amount as my eldest, probably around 27kgs, so that doesnt worry me much, but i am concerned that my walls are not thick enough to support the beds as well as the children dispite by objections from time to time they do tend to jump around on their beds a bit also. so the last thing i would want is for them to fall down in the middle of the night and the children get hurt. so can anyone help reasure me that these will be ok and safe, and where would be the best place to have them fitted too? i probably will have to fix one to the wall some where. How do i find the beams in the walls and the roof? my partner loves to build things and these look easy. thanks for the idea.

Hi, I am from Brazil and I really love your site!
I wanna know how the bed is fix on the wall, on the photo there's a bed with only 2 ropes but on the plans there are 4 of it, so I would like to know how I can make with 2 ropes and fix the bed on the wall, it is just supported or there are some nails and screws that we can't see?
Another concern is about the weight, how much the bed can support? An 80kg (173.4 lb) man could sleep in one of this? Using an orthopedic matress?

I was wondering if this plan could be altered to support a full or queen mattress for inside? if another set of ceiling supports should be added. So there is 6 instead of 4 cables, or is using 4 cables and bracing it to the wall would be enough to distribute the weight to support a larger frame size.