Farmhouse Bed

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Farmhouse Bed
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This bed plan rocks! Was so easy to build. I think I spent more time at the lumber yard and painting... Not much different with my build other than the way I built it. I went with pocket screws on the trim boards to attach them to the posts instead of putting the 4 1/2" screws into the post from the outside. It feels pretty solid still so I think it will hold well. I also wanted the bed to be more portable so I used cheap joist hangers for the 2x6 mattress supports and I went all out and got some surface mount bed frame fasteners for the corners. They are 'ok' I guess, only $12 but they feel like they should cost $2! You could always get the ones that you have to mortise into the posts, but that throws off the whole 'easy to build' part of this project - no thanks!


I'm really surprised how some cheap dimensional whitewood can really look so great! Thanks again for the great plan Ana, look forward to the next project!

PS - Wordpress rocks. I really love this image upload and linking feature...


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Very Nice! I so want to make one of these.


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Great job on the bed!

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Great bed.  I love your ideas on making it more portable!!!

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That is great I love the idea of the joist hangers too.

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Great job.  This is in my future plans.  I'm trying to build simple first.  I'm so new at building.  I really wish I had taken woodshop in high school.

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Your bed turned out great!  I hope to make the same in twin size for my spare bedroom.

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Box Spring

Did you use a box spring with your bed?
What would you recommend me knowing if I wanted to make the headboard a little taller and the footboard tall enough to come to the top of mattress?
Thanks and I love your bed!

I love your ideas!

I love how you did the bed! I would like to know what size and length pocket screws did use for the headboard and footboard? I've had such a hard time finding 4.5 inch screws, it's ridiculous. Also, I am going with your recommendations for using the joist hangers and surface mount frame fasteners. I just need to figure out where to buy them. =) Thank you so very much!

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Try online sources

If you are looking for hardware that you can't find in-store anywhere, try Rockler or other suppliers online. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can generally find it online. Rockler is really good to deal with, so you shouldn't have any trouble returning anything if you need to.

I know this is sort of an old thread, but I'm just in case anyone else needs the info.