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Pie Hutch
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Ana I would love to see a plan like this. Thanks again for all the time you put into the new site for us, it is beautiful.

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I love this too! It has my vote.


Wow, that is seriously beautiful! I have a ton of requests for the yellow IKEA one that is very similar too.

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Love the vintage look of this piece and you can use them in so many ways, another vote.

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I have the perfect spot for this! Would love to add this to my "to build list"

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OH YES YES YES, please! I have wanted to make one of these forever and actually came to the site one day looking for one like this. Would LOVE some plans!

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I have also been looking for a pie hutch/safe plan - I just need some extra storage in the kitchen!


are plans available for this pie safe project??

please say yes .. i just aquired some very destressed lumber and would like to build this

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there are plans for this in

there are plans for this in the catalog, just search jelly cupboard. it's really cute but for some reason I can't link to it.