Lucille Coffee Table

A simple coffee table with a large drawer. Special thanks to Kelly for sharing her beautiful photos with us.


Projects built from this plan. Thank you for submitting brag posts, it's appreciated by all!

As you know, I have a specific soft spot for Early American furniture.  I love the simple primitive look, the milk paints, the distressed edges, and the solid wood design.  Early American furniture also tends to be highly "buildable" because it was handbuilt for centuries before factories did the work.  Think of it this way, you've got a hammer and some nails, what would you build?  This differs greatly from say modern furniture, where the question is, you've got a laser saw, particle board and an assembly line, what would you build?  Now I'm not saying we can't knock-off modern design, I'm just proposing that it's easier and people have more success knocking off a design that knocks off a handbuilt design . . . we've come full circle haven't we?

I love the simple lines and the finish of Pottery Barn's newest coffee table, the Lucy Coffee Table . . . but the particle board and oak veneers . . . not so much.

I also love this idea, a big basket (this one pictured is sized 24" x 18" x 10", close to the dimensions of the Pottery Barn Shayne Basket) under the coffee table to store  . . . toys.

Speaking of kids . . . I decided to go with a solid wood pine project panel for the top.  You can buy these at any Blue or Orange store.  Using a solid wood top means that the edges are not going to peel or wear, the top can be refinished, and any scratches in the finish can be considered character rather than blemishes.  Bring on the crayons.

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Hey Ana!

Love the table, I actually had one similar to it, and decided we needed one larger! What to do with the old smaller one? I cut the legs off and made a wonderful, improvised coffee table with lots of surface room! I love it!

Thanks so much, my couch is this weird height and a friend told me he would make me a table if I got him the plans I wanted, and he could just make it taller. Not sure about this or a couple of the others I saw here, still deciding, but this has been soooooo useful.

[...] some time scouring Ana’s site and never found a side table that worked for me until I saw Ana’s plans for the Lucille coffee table. Lucille and I were meant to be together.  Like peas and carrots.  But, Lucille was a coffee table [...]

Ana, we are making this table today, and we think that there is a typo. On the cut list Letter F says that the board that you're cutting is a 1X2, but the matching description says 1X3. Should it indeed be the 1X3 board and not the 1X2? Just making sure we get it right. We are going to go ahead and assume that it was supposed to be 1X3, but just to clarify for others that may do this plan...

We are making good progress. It's so much fun! Thanks again...

x Becky