Illusorio Cabinet from Anthropologie

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That is really cute.

I don't think I could even afford the additional $250 they want for shipping.

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That is a striking piece of furniture.  Wow.

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I love that piece. I've been looking at it for months, hoping that it might go on sale. Restoration Hardware has something similar. I've included a picture. Both pieces are gorgeous. I hope Ana tackles it…soon!

Restoration Hardware Sideboard

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me too! here is similiar one I found also made with old wood.


I can't remember where I found this one but I love the different colors in the wood. If Ana cracks the plans for it I want to make one similiar to this one. :)

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I posted this under another similar piece as well but... Here are plans for a similar style.
Ana- I hope you don't mind I link to this site, I figure you don't have time to make plans for everything and this is one less plan you'll have to make (Which means one more plan you WILL have time to do)

I bought the same piece from

I bought the same piece from Zin Home for $1595 and free shipping.
It is called Elegant Reclaimed Tv Console.

The same item is sold at Zin

The same item is sold at Zin Home under a different name. Their price is $1595 and free shipping. I think $250 shipping is insane of Anth.

Mike Oteri
Look at

Look at under their DIY projects. They have a very similar piece.