Loft Bed Plans - Turned legs rather than square legs?

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Loft Bed Plans - Turned legs rather than square legs?
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This question is regarding your loft bed plans here.


My oldest (almost 8) is dying for a good homeschool "office" in her room and has requested a full sized loft bed.  :)  I'm wondering how MUCH DIFFERENT your plan is from PB Teen's Chelsea Loft bed.  I like the Chelsea one because of the gorgeous turned legs.  Have they done a mortise & tennon join to attach rails to the posts or have they used special bed hardware?  If it's M&T, I think I'll pass...  But if it's just special bed hardware, I'd love to give it a try! 

I think I can use your existing loft bed plans (above) to put the rest of it together. 

Thanks for your thoughts!!!

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Jennifer, that is a gorgeous bed! Just from a 30 second look, I would actually build this as three different components (well, two). I would build the desk system and the bed with no clearance under it. Then I would simply attach turned legs to the bottom of the bed and to the top of the desk. OR if you can find columns that are about 5' tall, just build the bed and attach those to the bottom,and then add the desk system second. You may be able to find something for a house column on a porch. Beautiful, and if there is someone that can tackle this project, it's you!

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I have seen columns sold at Orange and Blue.  That bed is gorgeous! If you go that route, pictures, pictures, pictures!

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Joined: 2010-08-30 18:17

Thank you for your thoughts!!!  I don't know if I'm brave enough to tackle this on my own...  I'm definitely considering it.  The bed portion reminds me a bit of your Lydia bed. 


Hubby thinks I'm completely nuts...  :)  I'm getting that look that says, "Why isn't Ana's original loft bed/desk plan good enough???"  LOL  And he's right....  but this Chelsea one is sooooo...  GIRLY!  :)


I'll definitely update this thread if I decide to do it.  Maybe if I procrastinate long enough, a plan will magically appear for it!  :-D


Off to post this on the "request" board!  :)  :)  :)