Loft bed/desk plans inspired by the PB Chelsea Vanity Loft Bed

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Ok, now I'm in love, too!  I am thinking of loft beds for my girls when they move into their new room (which btw is only in the thinking stage of being added on to the house) but these look so much more of what I picture for their room!  I don't know if I'd need all the curved trimming...maybe even just straight lines so it'd be simpler.  I would love this for a plan!!!

P.S.  It's amazing they want that much for a bed with the screws showing!

P.P.S.  My girly girls are 4 and 8 :)


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been dreaming of this for my

been dreaming of this for my twelve year old for months. would love the plans for this one.

is this bed for sale? i

is this bed for sale? i really like it is there a way i can get one?

ilove this bed how can i get

ilove this bed how can i get one?

is this bed for sale??? i

is this bed for sale??? i really Love it!!!

From Pottery Barn

I know i love this bed soooooo much and i'm a teenager and have a tiny room(8 by 10). So any room would be needed. It is from pottery barn and goes for 1999.00 $. My goal is too get my dad to make one for me so if there any blue prints on how too make this it would be very appreciated.

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Hi , I am 14 and me and my

Hi , I am 14 and me and my family just moved into a new house , we are all redoing our rooms. I have been wanting a bed just like this one for very long time . I was just wondering if i can just purchase this bed and what the price is .
Thanks :)


This bed is from pbteens here is the web adress:

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Did anyone ever come up with plans for this style bed? is there a link on how to construct the bottom/slat portion for a full bed to give enough support? Thanks