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Suggesting Projects
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Hey everyone!

I noticed that the Project Suggestions board has more topics than any other part of the forum, and I also noticed that sometimes these project suggestions merely consist of a title and a product link. Occasionally not even a link.

I have to say that Ana is doing a truly amazing job. She's providing us with free furniture plans every day, she set up this forum and she even offers us the opportunity to suggest plans for items we like to build. I bet she would be busy enough just drawing plans for things she likes.

The least we can do is to ask nicely. Write a little about why you like that specific piece of furniture, why you need something like it, etc.

I hope I didn't offend anyone.



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I agree!


Silky, you are so kind and thoughtful!  I am so touched.  I love designing plans, but I love helping people out - especially people that are kind and courteous - more than anything.  But don't be shy about adding plans because I will never know there is a need without someone speaking up  :)