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Train Engine bed
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My toddler son LOVES trains.  There is one at the local zoo and he always wants to see the animals ride it.  I decided to create his fantasy for his big boy bed to entice him to leave the crib.  Here is the train engine bed I built for my son.  I saw a similar bed online for over $2000.  The front opens for storage. I then also completed the train carrying zoo animals on the wall behind.  The train cars are all wood bolted to the walls. I painted the sky on the walls and ceiling, and included clouds (some are shaped, you can see a sailboat and turtle behind the giraffe).  I created the entire room (including painted ceiling and walls) for about $600.  I had to commission all of the circle cuts as I did not have access to a router which was at least half of my cost (and don't know how else to do such large circles).  Otherwise, project materials would have been about $300. 


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This is absolutely amazing!  I am so impressed, with the bed and the walls!  Great job, I am very inspired!

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Wow, that is so amazing!  Very very impressive!  I'm inspired.  Ana

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That's the most creative bed I have ever seen! I bet your son loves his new room!

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That bed is awesome! My son loves trains too! I bet he would love this bed too.

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This is awesome!

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Now that is a great bed and I am sure your son is in L - U - V with it! 

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So my poor son has no bed right now and I would love to build something similar for him. Is there any chance there are still plans for this one? Help please. He just turned 3 July 2nd and LOVES trains.