DIY closet storage

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DIY closet storage
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I. Love. This.  Why?  Because my daughter, who has ignored the very toys now stored in Ana's DIY closet storage system for years, is now taking them out and playing with them.  She can see where they are.  She knows where they go when she is done.  This was my first attempt at building and it did not go as smoothly as I expected, but it will not be my last!  You can tell that her closet still needs work from the photo, but she desperately needed storage in her room, and Ana delivers that in so many of her plans.  I will be posting more of my projects as I transform her room.  My only regret?  Not finding Ana when I still had months of warm weather left.


Ana, thanks for taking the mystery out of building.  I've always wanted to build, but felt that I needed lots of expensive tools and male guidance to teach me the ropes.  I regretted for years taking home ec. (when I already possessed all the skills they taught in that class) instead of shop in high school.


Kristen, this turned out so remarkable! I love the wall color too! Thanks so much for posting!