Kreg jig plugs

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Kreg jig plugs
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If someone in this community uses the Kreg jig, do you buy the plugs to conceal the holes or do you fill with wood filler to save money?  Or is there another way to do it without buying the plugs?  Thanks!

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You can make your own pocket hole plugs with one of these: 


For straight countersunk holes, you can buy a "plug cutter":  explains it pretty well.


Cut the plugs from the same kind of wood or contrasting wood, tap them into the holes and saw off the excess and sand it smooth. If you are making much furniture it's a useful skill.


Some cutters will make a plug with a slanted end, making it easier to stuff into the hole the Kreg leaves.

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I use wood filler. It can take as many as 3 applicaction of filler with sanding in between but it works well. I dont know why you couldnt use a dowell. I have never tried it with a pocket hole but have used a dowell many times with a counter sunk screw.



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I've read somewhere that you can use dowels, like Patience said.  I believe it was 3/8" dowels, but I am not positive about that.  I'll bet the Kreg Jig community would be a good resource (and it may be where I read about the dowels).

Here's the link



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Thanks everybody!