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Hi All

I am very (read: VERY) new to wood working but I would love to make this
desk for myself.  Because of my newness I know that I won't start until I
understand this plan inside and out so I have a ton of questions which
hopefully, when answered will give me the confidence to start this. I plan on
doing it with someone else (under the principle of two heads are better than
one).  The table doesn't have to last forever but I do have to put a
computer screen on it and maybe a piece of glass so it has to be relatively

1. Is it possible to use screws instead of nails for all of the parts? I
don't think I have enough/the right clamps to glue, nail and dry the pieces as
I go?

2. When it comes to nailing the 1X3's together for the legs, do I put 1 nail
at each end and 1 in the middle (so 3 nails along the length) for the 11/4 inch
nails (red dots) and again the same thing for 2 inch nails (see my very awesome
microsoft paint skills)? Is this enough? If I repeat the same pattern for the
outside trim will this also be enough?

3. Once you have sandwiched all the boards together, sanded the outside,
primed and then painted, will the legs look like they are made out of a single
piece of wood like in the west elm piece or will it be apparent that they are sandwiched
pieces of wood?

4. Should I use a random orbital sander or will hand sanding with a block be

5. When it comes to attaching the side aprons, will a single nail in each of
the 1X3s be enough (see again my amazing paint skills)?

6. When it comes to attaching the front apron will 2 nails (1 for the side
apron and 1 for the front side of the 1X3) on each side be enough?

7.  As long as I don't go overboard, is there such a thing as too many

8.  What does Ana mean by cross-nailing when it comes to attaching the
drawer supports to the underside of the table?


OK I think that's all for now.

Joined: 2010-10-30 04:39

Im bumping this in the hope someone can help :)