Playkitchen Modification --> Toy Workbench

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Playkitchen Modification --> Toy Workbench
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I recently went to IKEA and I want to give you an idea how you could modify Ana's amazing playkitchen into something completely different.


I think the modifications should be fairly simple. I'd love to build both the playkitchen and the workbench. But living in an appartment we don't have room for either one Cry

Maybe someone is going to give it a try.

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I was going to ask almost the same thing. Except the one I like looks like this:

I feel like if I played aroun enough I could figure it out....but...some more experienced input would be appreciated.

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Those are beyond adorable!!  I am going to try and figure this out this weekend . . . it would make a great Christmas gift for the boys!

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I love the one step ahead one. I think the drawers are great and I love the peg board.