Overlapping Squares Daybed and End Tables

Thanks to JrsMrs (http://ana-white.com/community.....ere/daybed) and Ana (http://ana-white.com/2010/10/2.....queen.html), I came up with my own measurements for the West Elm Overlapping Squares Daybed.  This was a VERY difficult project.  It took both my husband and I about 15 hours from start to finish (and we still need to put on a coat of poly and screw in the bed slats).  Cutting all those small pieces of wood really took a lot of time!  Then we had to sand, prime, caulk the pocket holes, sand again, paint (took 3 hours to put on one coat of paint), and we still need to do a coat of poly. 

We modified the West Elm plan and used 2X4's instead of 2X2's for the bottom pieces to make the structure more stronger.  We bought bed slats from Ikea for $30, but we haven't put those on yet.  I was too excited to share pics with everyone. 

Also, those two end tables that I pushed together to create a coffee table, those were supposed to be the Squared Chair that Ana posted.  That project was a flop, so we just used the seat top and the legs to make these end tables.  Here are the pics!


Mon, 12/20/2010 - 09:11

Looks gorgeous!  I love the 2x4s on the bottom - great idea.  And thanks for the honesty.  I really want to build this one, but know it'll be a big pain, but 15 hours for something so beautiful isn't crazy.  I think I spent 15 hours buidling my first bookshelf (the next one took 30 minutes).

anawhite (not verified)

Mon, 12/20/2010 - 14:23

You do amazing work.  Simply amazing.


Mon, 12/20/2010 - 16:33

Ana White said:

You do amazing work.  Simply amazing.

Ana!  I am so honored!  I don't use a facebook account, but I go on your facebook page everyday to see what everyone posts.  I couldn't believe it when I saw you posted my pic on facebook!   I have a total room reveal coming up.  I built this daybed, a modified Grace bookshelf, a $10 shelf, and a desk.  I am calling it my DIY room.  All I have left is to get pillows for the daybed and then I'll post an updated post!   Thank you for all your inspiration.


Sun, 01/23/2011 - 17:28

I am started building this but it isn't turning out right. Can you tell me the measurements you used for the squares? And any tips? Did you use 1x2's for the squares?



Mon, 02/14/2011 - 12:59

Rebecca, in the photo that looks like 1x2 stock for the decorate pieces and 2x2 for the rails.  You'll find it in the trim aisle at orange or blue.

As for measurements, I wouldn't bother. Measure sizes off an existing couch that you like, match the interior size to availble cushions/mattresses, and then start dividing the interior portion up to get the number of squares you want.

I used a similar pattern for my porch railing, and trying to do the math made my head hurt.  So I just drew the pattern I wanted out on paper and started figuring out what portion of the whole each measurement was.  Once I did that, it was ease to get the sizes I wanted once I measured the whole of the space available to me. The only trick is that you're going to need to make sure your ability to multiply and divide fractions is still intact.

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