wood conditioner question?

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wood conditioner question?
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I was looking at  Blue and Orange for wood conditioner. They both carrry Minwax, one is water-based and the other looks like it's oil-based (it didn't actually say, only that it cleans up with mineral spirits). Does it matter which one I use? Is there a difference, aside from cleanup methods? Is there one I can use under water- and oil-based stains? It would be nice to have a multifunction conditioner for different projects.

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IIRC, you can always use oil under water, but never water under oil.  Once you water you have to always water (paint, stain, whatever...talking about layers, not completely stripping and refinishing ;) )

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Thank you :) Now, to figure out what color(s) of stain I'm going to use on my Farmhouse Bed....and how i'm going to finish my project table bookshelves

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