Schoolhouse Playhouse Big enough for Homeschooling

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Schoolhouse Playhouse Big enough for Homeschooling
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Hey Anna,

I was wondering if there would be any way to get plans for something like this:;afsrc=1 Or modifications to the existing playhouse plans to make it bigger so adults could stand and move around a little easier? I would love to build something like this to use for a little Homeschooling Classroom. I know it's a long shot...just thought I'd ask :)

Thanks for all the wonderful plans you are constantly posting! They are all terrific.

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We've also drooled over 'big' playhouses.  I don't think we'd try to do school in it (that the kids are aware of--what they don't know won't hurt them!) but would love to have one that would fit my 8 yr. old and us, too!


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