Breakfast Nook with L-Shaped Bench

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Breakfast Nook with L-Shaped Bench
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Hi All

I just stumbled on this amazing site yesterday, thanks to a friend of mine.  Quick run down...I just bought my first house (YAY) and have a great kitchen with tons of space for a Breakfast Nook.  I would love to find a plan that is easy to follow AND comes with a design for an L-Shaped Bench.  For some reason, I can't seem to find this online anywhere!

Anyway, any extra help would be great and I am so glad to have found this website! Keep up the great work!

Cheers, Christina   Wink

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Ana said she's working on plans for a breakfast nook.  Just keep your eyes out for it.

Instead of an L-shaped bench, the commercial units usually have two straight boxed-in benches that are like this  _|  bolted together where they meet.  It is far easier to do.