Making Wood Floors

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Making Wood Floors
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Hi Ana!

I've been kind of MIA on my building spree here lately, but I have a valid excuse...I'm 5 months pregnant!  I'm past the first trimester woes and ready to get my hands dirty (with my trusty darth vador mask of course) building!  I'm trying to convince my husband that we could cut plywood strips and make our own wood floors to save some $$ on the nursery.  He thinks I'm crazy.  We came to a compromise last night.  You're part of it.  We talk about you and your projects like you're one of our BFF's that we speak to every day...hopefully that doesn't creep you out at all!!  You're just so talented!

So anyways, the comes down to your opinion!  Do you think it's possible to get clean / nice looking wood floors by using plywood or do you think we should just go buy the wood slats and install it that way?  Either way is okay...your honest opinion is so appreciated!!


Thanks for all you do!!


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It is possible.  Here are three good links I found:

Personally I would just look for a good deal on some prefinshed wood flooring.

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Kara, my cousin couldn't decide on what flooring she wanted so she left the plywood - in full sheets - as her flooring ... and it looks great!  They just sanded and sealed.  She thought it would look "unfinished" but really it doesn't (she has some really nice area rugs as well).  So it is possible, and it can work.  I agree with Dan's personal choice and would seriously check out some of the good deals out there ... we have a place in Edmonton that sells "reusables" ... they often have super deals on used and often new and unused flooring.  With the ever-growing wave of environmentallly friendly ways of building and creating, it is likely that there is something like this near you too.  Good luck!

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Yes - one episode of HGTV's "Design Stars" did it.  They cut birch plywood into squares and installed it with alternating grain and did something fancy to the screws.

Trying to cut strips won't work - too much edge chipping - but larger pieces (4x4 or 2x4) would be easy.

Sand and stain and do the first coat of sealer, then lay the floor - it's easier.

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Quarry Orchard blog just did a plywood to plank flooring tutorial, it looks awesome and easy. They did cut it into 6" planks. Link: http://quarryorchard.blogspot......orial.html


Good luck convincing your husband!

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Wow, that last one is really interesting.


1 - paint the floor sdark so you don't have show-through

2 - sand and stain first, then put it on the floor (easier on the knees)

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How would you put it down if you live on a slab (concrete)? Is Pine or Birch dentable (softwood)?

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On a slab? Construction adhesive or the adhesive used for glue-down wood floors, and roll it well with a heavy roller.

Both kinds of plywood are fairly soft, but unless you take a hammer to it, it lasts quite a while. In a low-traffic area like a bedroom, years.

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It's possible. Don't think it's something I would do myself though, I prefer actual hardwood. Plywood flooring may not be so great for resale either.

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I've been wanting to make my

I've been wanting to make my own hardwood floors pallet wood!

I need a planer though and a whole lot of pallets!
I do like the look of the plywood floors! Anything is better than carpet in my opinion.

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My opinion

I want to give my opinion and experiences to this. First I like the concept and creative idea.But
1.low grade plywood is very soft and will dent and scratch very easy.It has voids in between the plys which makes it even softer.Also it splinters easily.(not good if you have a little one crawling around)
2.They use to make what they called engineered hard wood flooring a plywood veneer flooring (they might still but I have not seen it in a few years) the down side of it was don't use in high traffic areas, where moisture is present, or where heavy furniture will be. (I think that rules out my whole house).
3. If you use a good grade of plywood.That is soft and will splinter. In my area runs about 40$ a sheet that is only 32sqaure feet. or 1.25$ a square foot. It also is soft compared to hard wood and will wear easily.I can buy laminate flooring as cheap as .79 cent a square foot It is a lot harder and does not wear in high traffic areas.
4.If you do decide to use plywood and are going to glue it down don't ever plan on getting it back up. The glue will pull the plys apart and you will be left with sanding it down.

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Gracie North
A wood floor looks extremelly

A wood floor looks extremelly good but I gotta say I prefer epoxy flooring. It lasts longer and the quality level is higher. I had wood floor too but after one and a half year I changed it to epoxy floor. It didn`t last too much.