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Potato and onion bin
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Hi Ana,

I'm a new fan to your site and just discovered woodworking, which I love !!! I am trying to get organized in my house and would love to build myself a potato and onion bin. I found some plans on the net but I really like simple and crisp lines. Would you have something up your sleeve ?

Also, I read that you would like your own video show ? I think that would be wonderful !!! I listened to a couple of your videos and found them SOOOO helpful. I am sure a lot of people would applaud such an initiative.

I also just made a sewing and cutting table. I adjusted the dimensions to suit my situation and changed the plans a bit but I am very happy with it. Thanks so much for putting all this work to help your fellow humans to create and realize their woodworking potential !


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this is a great idea! I would love bins for my veggies. Something that could hold sand so it could store carrots too?

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Find a picture of one that you love and post it.

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Ive been wanting one of these

Ive been wanting one of these for YEARS!! oh Ana we need plans :)

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