Sites that helped me learn sketchup and might help you too..

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Sites that helped me learn sketchup and might help you too..
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Just thought I would add a couple of helpful sketchup websites


Sketchup for Woodworkers


Harwood Podcast - This one really breaks down each tool and how to use it

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Thanks for these links. Sketchup is on my list of tools to learn, these look like great resources!Laugh

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Thanks so  much for these links. I've been playing around with sketchup but find it a bit frustrating at times because I don't know what I'm doing and I find the tutorials from sketchup only mildy instructive. I am definately going to check these out!

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Thanks for this post! I'm trying to put together some plans for a media console and need more help in Sketchup. :)

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I think that you posted these on Ana's facebook page awhile back and they were INCREDIBLY helpful to me.  So thank you soooo much for doing that!!  I had given up on learning how to do anything with SketchUp until I viewed some of the tutorials on these sites.

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Many Thanks!

I'm so very new to all of this and I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've been wondering about this animal they call SketchUp - I guess now I'll be able to get some real insight.  THANK YOU!!!!

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Ana, anyone,

Having trouble getting follow-me tool to keep going when I get to th back of my house as I have to orbit to turn the house and follow-mw will not get going again



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THANK YOU! The sketch-up for woodworkers was awesome! Other than subbing his "Alt" for my (PC's) "Ctrl", it was elementary and made me ashamed I struggled at all! His tips and tricks were fantastic too (although I learned first from Ana's tutorial about just typing in the dimensions).

Just that one step closer to woodworking independence!

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Thanks for this info

Thanks for this! I have been looking for help with Sketchup (I'm trying to customize my small office and kitchen --doin' some diy with my partner) and been struggling with Photoshop for the sketches. Oh, and by the way, Halloween's coming up --these feather headdresses might interest anyone :)

So, who doesn't love these Indian headdresses?

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Hi there! Its good to see

Hi there! Its good to see this kind of post. I would like to learn more about Sketchup.

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