A Bright and Simple Changing Table

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About This Project

Pine Furring Strips, MDF

I built this changing table with a friend who wanted an easy introduction into building. I already had the MDF for the shelves gifted from a friend looking to get rid of a large pile of sheets, so that really helped cut down on cost. I spent $15 on the furring strips and screws for the rest of the piece. I already had the sanding and finishing supplies as well as paint. I added two strands of white cording from Hobby Lobby ($1 per roll on half off days) to hide the gap created between my trim and the top changing piece. I also modified it to fit a 16" wide changing pad.

I would totally recommend using Mod Podge as a sealer on work-horse pieces of furniture. One, it's completely fume-free and non-toxic (which was perfect, since I'm about five months pregnant and need to avoid VOC's) and it's got a really thick, clear glossy finish that's super easy to clean. You only need one coat of it, as well. Just be advised that it's a lot easier to see brush strokes, so I wouldn't use it on your fancy stuff. But for changing dirty diapers, or on a kids table? It's perfect!

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Three coats of semi-gloss white, three coats of semi-gloss lime (for the top, color matched to a fabric). Sealed with non-toxic Mod Podge.
Estimated Cost: