Build a Storage Bed Inspired by Pottery Barn’s Stratton

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Build a Storage Bed Inspired by Pottery Barn’s Stratton
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My questions are about this link:


I am a beginner. I have helped my father when I was little to build things/finish furniture etc., but that was a while ago. My husband is handy too, but has never built furniture. We really want this bed with the headboard, but don't have $2,500 to spend to just buy one. My question this pretty easy? Can we get all these pieces cut by the lumber yard and have them still fit together without us cutting them? Assuming they can measure :) (We are military and cannot house such tools needed nor do we have the money to buy them). How much did it cost others to make this bed? I guess thats it for now.

I realize this isn't the "best" first project and we may end up making some end tables or bookshelf first, but I would still like the answers to my questions. My father is 3,000 miles away and cannot help me and he doesn't understand getting into this hobby and not "learning to cut the wood yourself" which I would like to learn, but its not feasible right now.


Thanks in advance!

I'd be surprised if you'd be

I'd be surprised if you'd be able to get someone to do all the cutting for you at the hardware store. I've been able to get them to cut an 8' board for me into two 4' pieces when I just had my car (and needed them at 4' anyway). But we are building the storage bed right now and it took us WEEKS of cutting for an hour or two each night to cut all those boards.

As for the build, it's SO EASY. It's definitely an easy first build... cutting all that plywood, however, is a serious chore.

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Getting lumber cut for you

Unfortunately getting the wood cut for you at the store is unreliable. I had a bad experience with it when I tried it out and as a result, I made myself learn how to use the circular saw. Others have made the less-than-perfect cuts work for them. Any chance you can find someone with the necessary tools around you? Some people are lucky enough to have places where you can rent time in a shop to use their tools as well.

If you do really want to go forward and have to have the hardware store cut for you, I would use the open option with basket/bin storage in them rather than drawers. And I would go to the customer service desk and ask for the employee with the most experience with cutting. I did have some shelving cut recently (shelves don't matter as much!) and that worked out much better than my first experience. But even that employee said it is difficult to get precise cuts on their saws--they just aren't meant for it (according to him). You could also have them cut the necessary parts for a drawer-less bed and if they do well, add the drawer option back. But ask for the guy's name and request him when you go back for the drawer cuts!!!

I built the twin versions of the bed in white and black. We love these beds! Good luck with whatever you end up deciding to do :)

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Saws at lumber yards

The saws at lumber yards and home centers are perfectly capable of making accurate cuts. They're the same saws that professional cabinet makers use. Not just the same type, but from the same manufacturer. The employees aren't capable of making cuts that accurate.

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I've always wondered about that

I've always wondered about the capabilities of those saws. I made sure to put "according to him" in the reply because I wasn't sure! I had asked the employee to make 12 1/8" wide cuts and he immediately pointed out the sign "No precision cuts" and said the saw isn't meant for them. I was happy to get anything from 12" wide to 12.25" so I wasn't stressing about it. The shelves were going in a closet!

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Sorry to keep commenting...

...but I was just thinking about this again. If you have access to any flat spot about 4x8 foot,garage or outdoors, you can do the cutting yourself without investing in a lot of tools or space. I do all my cutting with 5-2x4 boards, a circular saw, and a miter saw. And the miter saw is just because my husband already had one when I got interested in building--the cutting I do with it could be done with the circular saw. I don't think a circular saw is too expensive. I would say you could get a saw, the 2x4s, and build a straight cut jig for under $100. Most box stores have a policy that you get 2 cuts for free and then they charge you 50 cents a cut (although I hear a lot of people say they don't end up getting charged). That will add up over a few projects--spend it on your own tools!

I made a video of how I cut the plywood with the saw:

And there are links about building a straight jig at the bottom of that post also.

Just wanted to show you it doesn't take a lot of space, money, or know-how :)

Also, I think that a twin bed cost me around $325-350 to make with birch plywood and S4S pine boards. Drawers can make this a little trickier for a beginner, but I certainly wasn't an advanced woodworker when I built it.

Good luck--sorry to post so much on your thread!

I'm working on the full sized

I'm working on the full sized bed, although a bit redesigned for my wishes. I'm building it out of mdf and had lowes do all the cutting for me. We had a couple mishaps, one my fault where I forgot to have them cut off one piece first, and one where they cut it too long and I had to go back and have them cut more off, but otherwise it has been fine. They usually say two cuts for free, but I've never had them charge me. They also told me that their saw isn't very precise, but I have all the boxes put together and they seem to have worked out fine.

Cost, I don't have a headboard and made the cubbies a bit bigger, so more wood, but I bought two sheets of MDF and one plywood (for the backs) plus paint and screws and such. I think it is about $150-$175 total for a full sized bed.

Difficulty, I don't think it is too bad. I'm not a total beginner, but I'm not particularly advanced either, most of what I've done is playing around type stuff, not super precise stuff. It is going pretty well so far. Like I said, I've done all the boxes, so I think that is the "hard" part and it wasn't bad. Just pay attention to what you are doing.