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Laminated Closet Shelving from Home Depot

I used Ana's 'Simple Closet Organizer' plan as a starting point and then went a little nuts. :) If you read the comments below the plan, a wonderful, professional closet designer gave some fantastic tips and then another person shared

So I plugged all of the dimensions into the Easy Closets website and used the plan I drew up based on its recommendations and my daughter's needs. :) She has three usable walls.

This was also my very first time using my Kreg Jig. I got it for my birthday months ago, but wasn't sure which project to "learn" on. :) I did quite a few tests on scrap before starting. Melamine coated particle board is SLIPPERY stuff so have LOTS and LOTS of clamps or your joints will not be square. Wow!

I got these chrome closet rods at The Container Store – so cheap and they'll cut them to size for you! Like $3~ a rod!? In the photos below, I'm using large, plastic closet rod flanges that I found at Orange, but I have these pretty chrome (peg-friendly) flanges ordered from Amazon. They're really cheap too! They will fit the 1-inch diameter rods I bought much better than the plastic ones and are made specifically for the pre-drilled 32mm closet boards. :) Yay!

Only other thing I did differently was use 1x4 boards to square the closet boxes up. I just cut them to the same width as the shelves and pocket-screwed them into the very top and very bottom of each box. Then I painted them to match her purple wall color.

I was so happy with how it turned out that I did my other daughter's closet that next weekend! I used the same website to design it too. LOVE IT!

Anyhoo, here are the finished closets for both of my daughters! Thank you Ana! I would never have done this if you hadn't have posted that plan! Totally inspired me! Can't wait do do our master closet! EEEK!

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Day Project (6-9 Hours)


Those closets look so nice and organized. Really makes me think this needs to be my next project. My poor kids only have the one self and rod that came standard with the house.
Great job! And thanks for the tips.

My kids had the same thing in their closets too. Just a single shelf across the top and a rod. *sigh* Nice to know we can change that without spending thousands on a custom closet designer company!!! :)

I am in absolute awe! Thank you so much for sharing not only your build, but the great resources. You did an amazing job!!!

The road to success is always under construction.

...risk life and limb by entering my kids' rooms :)

We, too, desperately need closet organization. But I think I'm going to use all your wonderful advice to remodel my own closet.

Fabulous job done wonder your gorgeous girls are looking so happy!!!

These look great! I ordered an Easy Closet earlier this year for our more complicated master closet. I had no idea how to attempt it myself. It was not cheap. But I would love to do this myself for our other two bedrooms for kids down the road. We built a house last year and those closets are currently empty. I love, like easy closets, that these are off the ground. How did you do this yourself? With that system it hangs from a metal track by grooves in the melamine. What did you use to support it hanging on the wall? Thanks for sharing!

I used 1x4 boards to square the closet boxes up and hang them. I just cut them to the same width as the shelves and pocket-screwed them into the very top and very bottom of each box. Then I painted them to match her purple wall color. If you look closely at some of the photos, you can see them behind the clothes.