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Pine boards.

As part of my daughter's big 8th birthday bedroom re-do, I knew she needed some new storage for books You know how kids accumulate little scraps of paper, photos, tiny toys. I can't stand to see that kind of stuff lying around, so these cube bookshelves seemed like a great solution for the problem. The canvas "drawers" are from Target and were not expensive. I followed Ana's Six Cube Bookshelf plans very closely with two exceptions. First, I shortened the legs an inch to ensure that the units would be short enough to fit under the bedroom window. Second, I added an overhanging 1/4" MDF panel to the top of each bookcase and trimmed out the bottom of the panel with cove molding. The rest of the wood used was solid pine. I'm now working on building a third unit for my other daughter's room. This time I was smart enough to finish the insides of the cubes before putting the whole bookcase together. Getting into those corners once the project is complete is time consuming and difficult. Painting the insides of the boards ahead of time has proven to be much simpler.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Sherwin-Williams ProClassic in semi-gloss followed by satin Minwax Polycrylic.
Estimated Cost: 


Hillary, you are just flooring me! I had no idea these were all your projects! Some of my favs! Thanks so much for posting and for giving me an opportunity to meet the person behind all these inspiring amazing projects!

I love your bookcases! I noticed that yours have a extra molding piece around the top. I would love to tackle this as my first project but wanted to try it with the molding... is that shoe?? Did you just add it to the sides and make your top larger??

I just added 1/4" MDF to the top and cove molding under it. Check out the blog link -- there are close up photos and more info there.


What an incredible job you did on these bookcases! Your daughter is one lucky gal. Thank you so much for sharing.

Is the price you quoted, $100, is the cost to build one bookcase or two?

Thanks so much,

Hi, Leslie. I think that was the price for two, using cheap wood (whitewood). But, I'm not positive!


Thank you so much for your quick reply! I think I'm going build these this weekend for our future homeschooling room. Very excited!

Thanks again,

I think it would be pretty easy to use Ana's plans with different dimensions to build a bigger bookcase. Just make the sides taller and the top and bottom wider and add more dividers. The hardest part would be getting your math right. :)

But, you can't beat Ikea's price on the Expedit, so unless you're building it different from the Expedit to custom fit a space or because the Expedit looks too modern, I'd probably just buy the one from Ikea. You might want to at least compare prices at first -- wood is not cheap and building it yourself might end up costing more.

Yeah, getting my math right was the part I was dreading :) I much prefer to look at someone else's plans! There isn't an IKEA near me either. I would have to drive 3.5 hours to another country... and I really want this bookcase! I checked online, but they charge $350 just to ship it. So that is the new question: day trip to IKEA or DIY?!

Oh, yeah. Totally worth it to DIY instead of a day trip or the shipping charges. Just buy the cheapest straight wood you can find. :)

I'm with you on following other people's plans instead of modifying -- I'm always afraid I'm messing something up, that I've forgotten some crucial detail. I find that it helps to draw it out on graph paper and totally re-write the shopping and cut lists, step away for a day or two, and then proofread it to be sure I didn't miss something.