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I am so excited to post these pictures of the dog crate I built for my boxer. I was a little nervous about beginning this project. It was my first project - aside from the garden boxes. I bit the bullet and bought the Kreg Jig, and I'm glad I did! It is so easy to use. The project was easy enough, I did make a few mistakes along the way, but I was able to fix them easily enough. The pictures show the dog crate without the door, (we were getting our puppy used to the crate before putting the door on). As you can see, the kennel is big enough for a big dog, my niece and my nephew had fun playing in the kennel.

Required Skill Level: 
Starter Project
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
none yet ;)
Estimated Cost: 


I love your dog kennel!  I have the same one, and our puppy loves it!  You did such a great job!  

We still haven't finished ours because our puppy chews sometimes  :(  but I'd rather her chew on raw wood then painted wood. 
Thanks again for sharing!

Thanks so much Ana!!

Oscar really doesn't like it when I go out without him. Even after trying to prepare our puppy for his "room", he did try to eat his way out of the kennel. I was really upset, but he only chewed on the bars of the door, so I know that I can always make another door ;)


I just posted my brag post for this kennel too. My boxer is also a brindle, and she loves her new kennel! It looks great. Do you plan to stain or paint?

Thanks so much...I have a soft spot for brindle boxers!!

I do plan to finish the kennel eventually, but I haven't decided if it will be painted or stained yet.


Oscar does chew on the bars of the door when I leave him in the kennel, I'm trying to get him used to it so that he has less anxiety when I go out. He's a bit of a spoiled puppy! I was really upset when he chewed on the door, but I know that I could make another one ;)

I love the makes it so easy to build furniture...I never thought I would be able to build furniture!!

Our puppies liked to chew on window ledges when they were little and we tried a few different techniques.  I can't remember which one worked best, but you can put stuff that tastes bad to them on things to keep them from chewing. I've heard some people wipe rubbing alcohol on a surface to keep pups away from it, but that seems a bit harsh smelling.  Pet stores usually sell pre-made sprays you can use too!

you can put the same stuff on the wood that they use to stop horses from cribbing (chewing on wood) its safe and much more effective than any of the "bitter apple" stuff they sell at a regular pet store. You'll find it at a feed and tack store

Thanks so much for the info...I actually have a feed and tack store not too far away from our house...I will give it a try!

The Kreg Jig is one of the most useful things I've ever purchased. Really helps make things look so much more professional without all the hardware showing. Great job on the kennel!