Ellie's cute pink play kitchen

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Pine, beadboard

The kitchen took most of a Saturday afternoon to build and then another few hours of painting.  We built it for our daughter's second birthday last fall before Ana had any fridge plans posted, so my husband came up with the fridge plans.  He also changed the sink a little by adding the little shelves to the side.  

Ellie's kitchen is made all in pine with all the edges rounded with a router so she wouldn't get bumped.  The back is beadboard for added cuteness.  The little faucet was purchased for a few dollars off of ebay and is a laundry faucet and the sink is a flower tin.  The burners are wood basketball's from Michael's craft turned over and painted silver.  All the glass pulls are from ebay.
The total cost for the wood, paint, glue, nails, accessories, knobs, fabric, and little play food was about $200.  It would have been easy to keep the kitchen a little cheaper by using different wood.  We wanted the kitchen to be really high quality and be able to be passed to our nieces or Grandkids someday.
Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Filled nail holes, sanded. Then primed and painted with 2 coats of Behr's Powdered blush in Satin
Estimated Cost: 


My daughter is 9 months old, and I am trying to buy her things that will grow with her and still be a of use when we build her a kitchen for Christmas. Your playfood looks like it's made of fabric, or felt. Did you make it or purchase it? And if you purchased it, what brand is it? 

The playfood is made of fabric and from Ikea.  They have little fabric baskets with it back in the kids section.  They had a fruit set, a veggie set and a little sandwich making set.  Each set was about $6-8.  The pots and pans are also from Ikea as well as the little mixing accessories.  They were less than $10.


I absolutely love the fridge! Any chance you still have the plans and would be willing to share?

I love love love the fridge, would you pretty pretty please share the plans? Ppppplllleeease ? ; D

My husband just made up of the fridge plans as he was building it so I don't have the dimensions he cut everything but I did measure the finished fridge.

The finished fridge is about 12 inches deep and 35 inches tall. The top door is 22"x22"and the bottom door is 12"x22" The door for the fridge was actually one big piece of pine that we cut into the two pieces. I bought it from Home Depot and it was the most expensive part of the whole kitchen. I want to say that it was about $30. I really wanted the kitchen to be made all of pine so that the edges could be routered with a rounded edge.