Farmhouse Dining Table & Rustic Bench

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With a couple of projects under our belts, my husband and I decided to tackle the Farmhouse Table. We shortened it to 6' to better fit our dining room, and also chose 1x6's instead of 2x6's to give it a lighter look. We also nixed the stretcher, and opted for 3x3 poplar table legs, that made the overall cost jump quite a bit. I absolutely love how it turned out, and the bench really fits well. It's stained and painted to match.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
Minwax gel stain in Dark Mahogany, semi-gloss white paint. I sanded the table within an inch of it's life with 60 grit, then upped it to 150, then 220. Used 220 between three coats of white paint for the legs. Sealed with 3 coats of polycrylic.
Estimated Cost: 
$120 for table, $15 for bench


I love the style of this table. I've been wanting this style of dining table for our kitchen and this one might be it. Very nicely made!! Looks great!

I followed the link "Knocked off: Farmhouse Table" but received a 404 error. How did you reinforce/stabilize the legs without a stretcher?

Hi there!

WOW!!!! I have just decided that I will also make my own furniture, and can think of a few people who will enjoy some home made furniture as gifts too.

I have a few projects, and would really appreciate advice on tools, what do I need to get started, the basics?

Secondly, my patio is ideal for a square table, I have these french posts that I would like to use as table legs. I love the look on this table, would like to do something similar, but just square. Any advice?

Kind regards,

Hi there. Look on the left column under "Also of Interest" as well as in the Community boards for getting started info. Also, there are others that have made square tables, but you will have to search more to find them. I would try but I'm sorry I have limited time right now. Maybe somebody else will see this post and help you out. Happy building!

I am working on finishing my project. Same exact plan. You have the exact finish I want. I am scared however, How did you did you stain it with out getting in on the paint or vise versa. I don't want to ruin my project that I worked so hard on.

How did you get all the planks to line up so perfect and have no gaps? Did you fill in the gaps?

looks great

So I didn't have a jig for this project, but it's the perfect tool for planking boards with no gaps. This table involved a lot of teamwork of my husband pushing boards together while I drilled them in. Trust me, the jig is the better option ;)