Floating Corner Entertainment Center

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First I'd like to thank Ana for everything she does. Without her i would have never started building furniture, and without her I would have never picked up Google Sketchup and learned how to design my own furniture.

Ana, I can't thank you enough for the skills, hobby, and confidence you have given me. Thank you thank you thank you!

I attached this to the floating shelves plan because it is what inspired us to design this. And I chose intermediate because of figureing out the angles and for finding the studs in the wall and properly/securely mounting it so little ones don't get hurt.

Since moving into our new home Matt and I have been using my great-grandmother's old sideboard as a tv stand. Our house (and living room) is very small so I've been wanting to mount the tv on the wall in the corner and Matt's been wanting to buy a smaller tv stand. I did not want to do it his way because we have a large hyper dog running around knocking everything over, lol.

So after recieving an extra tv wall mount from my parents and mounting the tv in the corner like I wanted, we brainstormed and created this "floating" table/shelf to hold Matt's game systems and our dvd's. Its off the floor and out of Buck's destruction path, but it also made the room look so much larger!

***This plan was not designed to hold the weight of a tv. While it is plenty strong enough to hold the movies, game systems, dvd-vcr, and the chance his 6 year old decides she's a rock climber, we have no idea its actual weight capasity.

Furniture grade pine
Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Finish Used: 
We decided we prefered the natural look of the raw wood for now. If we later change our mind I will post new pics :)


I built somethign similar in our living room a few years back. Since the shelved were going to hold DVDs, I figured the extra support would be easy to hide.

any hardware store sells steel angle brackets. they look like a giant L. I grabbed some more than half the depth of the shelf and attached them to the shelf and screwed them securely into studs in the wall. On the sides of the brackets that attach to the walls, I painted over them with wall paint to hide them. They're barely noticed unless you are looking right at them.