I have triggered a SPAM filter and can't comment

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Hey there!  Ana here.  If you got a second and see a comment that you suspect is spam, please click the "This Comment is Spam" text at the bottom of the comment.  Sure appreciate the help! 

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I have triggered a SPAM filter and can't comment
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I was trying to respond to a forum comment from someone and said like 3 sentences.  I got a response that my reply triggered a SPAM filter and was not accepted.  I tried to change some wording, the subject line, and nothing would let me respond.  Anyone else receive that little pink box?  I AM NOT SPAM!  lol

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that is odd, especially

that is odd, especially considering the amount of spam on the forums here. :(

most forums I have been on just don't allow people with below a certain number of posts to post a link and/or pic. that seems to help with cutting down spam (well, that and diligent mods).