King Fancy Farmhouse Bed

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About This Project


I made this bed pretty much by myself, my hubby helped me assemble it in the bedroom.  It is king size so I had to do my own measurements.  To my surprise it was pretty easy.  Just make your measurements accurate.  Had  blast.  Next project please!

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Dark walnut I had on hand. I couldn't find the gel stain I wanted. I would have preferred to not see such a contrast with the grain then I sealed it with a satin spray. After a few months I ended up painting the bed. I was just not happy with the wood look.
Estimated Cost: 
$130 I splurged on the trim and spent $37. Plus I had 2x4's on hand for the bed frame.


Please, please double check measurements as you go.  My mattress  is smaller than most kings.  The average for a king is 76x80.  I actually had to take my bed apart and resize it. Just make sure your mattress is smaller than 76" wide. The headboard won't need adjusted just the foot board if yours is bigger.  I also didn't change the height just width. You will need 14-1x6 panels for the panel this will make the panel 76x24. The bottom 2x6 of the panel is also 76 inches the top is 83 but double check with the panel you have already built.  My 1x3 for the top I cut at 85 inches based on my trim.  Like Ana advised cut your trim to what you have built.   Build the legs exactly the same as Ana and the foot board 1x8 was cut to 76 inches.  My side rails were 81 inches.  Now because I had to cut my frame smaller is made me have to attach my rails to the headboard on the inside of my headboard legs ( Ana does this with the farmhouse bed).  I think this is all.  My best advice cut as you go and make exact measurements.  My mattress fits very tight now which is what I wanted.  Good luck!

What a beautiful bed....job well done!!  This is my dream bed....just trying to hold off until we find a new home...before we make it. 

I have been looking for this color but can't seem to match it up right with anything that I have bought. I REALLY REALLY love this color and was hoping that you might remember the name and place that you bought it from????? I know it is a long shot since it has been a few years since you built the bed. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!!