Loft Bed w/storage

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My daughter needed a way to store her clothes, sleep and do homework in a really small room.  I tackled this project with a lot of ideas and no real plan.  I had a lot of great help early on and then at the end with the painting.  Built the shelving on my own. and then gave the desk a rounded look to soften it.


Looks great! I like your personalized modifications.

We plan to make a full-size version for my son. Looks like you had to remove the fan blades? I was wondering about that for his room. :(



We are looking at doing the same thing.  I love the loft bed, but will modify the stairs to have some drawers and cabinets for storage.  Luckily, I have a friend who does some woodworking and is willing to help me with the pesky stairs and a few other modifications.  I love the molding at the top of yours!  Might need to add that to my list of things to look at doing. 

I've been looking for some great ideas to turn my son's loft bed into something more fun and practical, in his very small room, which we will be remodeling very soon. Your craftsmanship is beautiful. Thanks for your post. It will be bookmarked.