Modified Apothecary Media Unit

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About This Project

MDF for bottom, Pine for Top

We started this project when Young House Love agreed that I should paint the old, dated brick wall. Then we bought new couches. Then we needed a TV stand, and a coffee table to match.

This started out a project for me. I was in love with those 16 little drawers. My husband .. not so much. I saw a way to secure all my stuff from my soon to be crawling little one. Hubs saw 16 little blocks. So, after it was all done, we tore off the drawer faces, and started over.

I decided to not to do the doors. I was too worried about baby smashing her fingers, or me tripping over them and breaking the hinges, so we went with bins. They have a metal frame for durability, but are wrapped in a durable canvas to make them safe for baby. They’re a perfect fit for the center, and the feet side effortlessly across the paint. (There’s no polyurethane on mine yet!)

Extra Info:
The smaller baskets are from Target. ($12 for both)
The large baskets are from the Container Store. ($20 each)
Lumber was from Lowes of Streetboro, OH. (About $80)

Required Skill Level: 
Starter Project
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
The blue paint is Olympic's Lava Grey ($16 @ Lowe's) The stain: "mistint" Autumn Harvest (.49 cents @ Lowe's!) The knobs are from Ikea (Elizabeth, NY). ($17)
Estimated Cost: 
$100, w/o accessories


I love this! I was just wondering how you did the drawer faces. Did you use the 1/4" plywood like the plan says or did you do something else? They look great! My husband and I are planning to build this and when I saw your picture I knew this was how I wanted ours to look. Great job!

It is 1/4 inch plywood. We just measured from edge to edge and cut two larger squares. Then we cut them in half, so they would fit each other perfectly =)