Outdoor Canopy Daybed

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This is made from cedar, but I painted it anyway. Used a standard single mattress. I highly recommend painting everything first before you put the project together.

Full plans are here.

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
Primed the entire piece with Kilz and then used Rustoleum Spray Paint (Espresso).
 The canopy is made from Ikea curtains (19.95/2). I purchased 2 packages, each containing 2 panels. I then sewed the 2 panels together from each package, now having 2 extra long panels. To secure to the bed, I hand-stitched velcro fasteners to the curtains and wrapped around the top part of the canopy.
Estimated Cost: 
$225 for lumber


This looks just as fabulous as I imagined it would from the plans :) I had thought about doing this for my daughters bedroom instead of as an outside daybed. Do you find that it would be sturdy enough for a little girl? Looks great, you did an awesome job!


amazing job. I was never interested in making one of these, but now I totally am! Great, another item on my massive to do list. Although I know I won't do as awesome a job as you

This is lovely! Congratulations, you did a great job!

incredible - i love it and was planning on making a similar one this summer - you got me so inspired I might need to start NOW :)

It's gorgeous!

Sort of stupid question here, but how do you protect the mattress for use outside? It probably tells me this in the plans, and I'm going to feel silly for asking, but I haven't had a chance to look at the plans. LOL Thanks! :)


If only I had a covered spot for something like this! I want this so bad but I have absolutely nowhere to put it. LOL Yours turned out absolutely beautiful - could be a magazine cover! :)

GREAT job!

Wow!  That looks incredible.  I second the notions that this looks like something from a home magazine that I could never afford.  :-)  


Hi Cathy,  This is simply inspiring!  Great job!!  What did you use to make the curtains?  Is there any way you can show up a shot of the top of the curtains?  Thank you! 

The canopy is Ikea curtains, $19.95/2.  I purchased 2 packages, sewed 2 panels together to make one from each package.  To secure, I handstitched velcro to the curtains and wrapped around top of canopy.  Too easy!

No i meant the fabric that covers it. I alwasy have the hardest time finding that piece.

Did you make the cover for your twin mattress? Did you just put a bed mattress on with a waterproof zipper cover? How has it held up? Where did you get the pillows or did you make them? Sorry for all the questions, but I've been begging my hubby to make me this for a month now and he finally said he would!! So now I need to figure out how to do all the cusions! lol

Yes, I sewed the cover for the mattress, and added coordinated piping.  I have on not one, but 2 waterproof zippered covers, plus a waterproof mattress cover and then the outside cover.  My patio is covered so if it gets rained on, the rain is blowing from the side. I made the pillows as well.  Save money by going to Goodwill or Salvation Army and buying pillows (who cares what they look like on the outside...you want what is on the inside!).  They usually will run you about $2.00 or less, compared to $19 or more from Joanne's.  Good luck!

By using 2x2's for your upright post, is this daybed sturdy? Does it rock a bit side by side or sway when you sit in it?

I would love to know how you made the mattress cover. We are building this bed and its the only part I am stuck on. I have moderate sewing skills and would love to make this out of outdoor fabric. The bed looks awesome!

I made the cover just like it was a big pillow. A top and bottom piece, then two pieces for the long side and two pieces for each short side (ends). I dressed it up with piping, but that is not necessary. I sewed everything together, leaving one end open so I could slip the mattress in. I originally planned for a zipper on one end but used Velcro instead. Hope this helps.

thanks so much for the Goodwill tip, never thought of that. Doing a modified, not as nice as this, for my older golden retrievers...their joints aren't what they used to be and the pool deck tends to wear on them. Thanks for the tip, I'm staining my wood now...this is such a hard step, I just want to see it done. Again thanks so much for all the info, EXTREMELY helpful to me.

This canopy is great.I've recently bought a penthouse and I've already renovated it.I still have to contact a Flat Roofing company in order to change the roof and I also want to make a canopy by following your plans.This canopy would look great on my balcony and I've already imagine myself staying on it in the morning and drinking my coffee.