Pallet Shelves

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About This Project

I love pallet shelves! Here I have three different sizes with three different finishes. It is amazing what 10 minutes, a jig saw, and a piece of sandpaper can do!

Required Skill Level: 
Starter Project
Finish Used: 
Finish varies between heavily sanded to no sanding at all. You can apply a stain and/or top coat.
Estimated Cost: 
$0-$10 depending on finishing


I've seen these before, but when I first saw them nothing clicked for how/where/why I would use them or want them. 

Then when I saw your picture something clicked--spice racks!  I'll probably have to totally re-do the dimensions AND find uniform looking jars for all my spices, but hey, it could work...

These look great. I've got a dozen ready to go in my living room, with a similar idea in mind--fill them with books! How did you hang yours?