Rotating Teen Storage Unit

This plan is based on the PB Teen Display-It Storage Mirror.  My 13-year-old saw it and wants to build it, so I'm producing plans for it!  I'm going to call the project "intermediate" skill level because of the swivel base part, but the rest of it should be "beginner"!  My version uses 1/2" thick MDF plus, if you want, crown molding and furring strips for decorative purposes.  Good luck!


Projects built from this plan. Thank you for submitting brag posts, it's appreciated by all!

Sand the pieces before building.  You may desire to paint or stain prior to building as well.  My daughter wants hers to be purple, green and blue, so we'll be prepping ours first, but it is your choice!  Huge disclaimer about the base/lazy susan aspect of it - since I have not made this project yet, I can NOT attest to its safety!

Shopping List: 

3 sheets 1/2" thick 49x97 MDF

Crown Molding, if desired
1x2 Furring Strips for framing mirror and cork board, if desired
Cork Board Roll 58 3/4"L x 17 3/4"
Floor Mirror
Hanging Pegs or Hardware or 3M hooks
Lazy Susan, 12", 5/16" Thick Capacity 1000 lbs.
1 1/4 inch screws
120 grit sandpaper
wood conditioner
paint brush
countersink drill bit
General Instructions: 

Please read through the entire plan and all comments before beginning this project. It is also advisable to review the Getting Started Section. Take all necessary precautions to build safely and smartly. Work on a clean level surface, free of imperfections or debris. Always use straight boards. Check for square after each step. Always predrill holes before attaching with screws. Use glue with finish nails for a stronger hold. Wipe excess glue off bare wood for stained projects, as dried glue will not take stain. Be safe, have fun, and ask for help if you need it. Good luck!

21" x 21' x 70"
Cut List: 

Sheet #1

2 @ 21" x 64"
2 @ 21" x 21"

Sheet #2
1 @ 21" x 64"
1 @ 21" x 20"
2 @ 21" x 21"
2 @ 19 1/2" x 19 1/2"

Sheet #3 (there will be lots of scraps from this sheet, so if you have a need, cut the pieces NOW!)
2 @ 21" x 20"
2 @ 19 1/2" x 19 1/2"

***Steps #7-#9 contain the images of the 3 MDF sheets for cutting.***
Cutting Instructions: 
See Cut List.
Step 1: 

Attach Wall square to shelf base with 1 1/4" screws and glue.

Step 2 Instructions: 

Attach other Wall and Back to Shelf Base with 1 1/4" screws and glue.

Step 3 Instructions: 

Attach Walls and Back to Top with 1 1/4" screws and glue.

Step 4 Instructions: 

Attach Shelves at desired heights with 1 1/4" screws OR if you want to make your shelves adjustable, drill the holes for the shelf pins/pegs now (you can use a strip of pegboard as a template)), as desired. The spacing of the shelves in the diagram from top to bottom is about: 11", 6" 15", 15", 15".

Step 5 Instructions: 

This part is still up for some debate about the integrity and safety of the lazy susan, so use these instructions at your own discretion or wait on a better solutions! Attach the Swivel Base piece to the 6" lazy susan; repeat for other Swivel Base piece, so the lazy susan hardware is sandwiched in between the boards. To the bottom of this piece, attach 5 more base pieces, so you end up with the lazy susan sitting on a 3" high base. This is NOT depicted in the diagram!!!

Step 6 Instructions: 

Add crown moulding as desired to add decorative edging to the base and top of the unit. Paint/finish as desired. Add a roll of cork board to one wall; frame if desired. Add a floor length mirror to the other wall. Add hanging pegs or hardware to the back side.

Step 7 Instructions: 

This is not an instruction step. This is a cutting diagram for Sheet #1 of the MDF.

Step 8 Instructions: 

This is not an instruction step. This is a cutting diagram for Sheet #2 of the MDF.

Step 9 Instructions: 

This is not an instruction step. This is a cutting diagram for Sheet #3 of the MDF.

Preparation Instructions: 
Fill all holes with wood filler and let dry. Apply additional coats of wood filler as needed. When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper. Vacuum sanded project to remove sanding residue. Remove all sanding residue on work surfaces as well. Wipe project clean with damp cloth. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion. Use primer or wood conditioner as needed.
Project Type: 
Estimated Cost: 
Skill Level: 


What about rollers on the bottom instead a swivel base?   That might be the way I go because that is more my skill level.

Jodi, Mom of two and want to be woodworker.

My photo is my grandfather making a little kitchen cupboard for my mom (3yrs) which now my girls have to play with.

This is why I love this site!  You can customize the plans as you see fit!  Rollers wouldn't work well for us, we have carpet.  Plus, I'm not sure how well a young person would be able to roll it around.  But if that's what you want, go for it!

I just wanted to say thank you SO much for posting these plans.  My niece saw the PBteen version the other day and "ordered" two for her birthday present.  Luckily, I have until October to get where I feel comfortable enough to try these.  I'm so excited!!!  

Also, I had already begun doing some recon on the swivel base and there is a lazy susan apparatus out there that is graded for 500lbs.  You can get them on Amazon and I believe they run between $20 and $30.  :D

The road to success is always under construction.

The 12" lazy susan I spec'd out is about $8 on Amazon.  I don't think you need the 1,000lb. capacity, but I think you may want the width of it for these purposes!  My dimensions aren't exactly what PB's is...I measured our existing mirror, browsed for a roll of cork board to get its dimensions and got the dimensions of some collapsible storage boxes for the shelves to get my plan!  But it's close enough!  And still one-sixth of the cost!  =)

I found a medium sized lazy susan rated for 500lbs at my local hardware store for under $5.  The largest they had was about 12" across and cost about $8.  This is a mom-and-pop, small town hardware store.

This would be good or a adult bedroom too.     You could use the shelves for filing cabinet and the cork board for important papers or jewelry or ??

I love this, thank you so much. I saw the pottery barn one and thought it would be great idea for my sewing room. Thank you for your directions.
I am putting this on my possible to do list.

This is a great design and is perfect for my office. Too much clutter can drive me crazy and I have been doing my best to stop overloading my house and have also been looking into storage companies to put put away some of the things that I no longer use but want to keep.

Is the Lazy Susan hardware you used round or square? I've seen both and wanted to check first. I don't see any square ones for that capacity so I'm assuming round.