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About This Project

pine: three 1x12x4' (is was cheaper to buy 2 four footers than 1 eight footer) one 1x12x6' and then some scrap 1x4's and trim. also used a couple 1x2's for hanging support underneath

I needed something to hang above my scrapbook table to hold alot of heavy albums and supplies.  I got instruction from Ana's  General Store Cubbies plan but I modified it to 48" long since the boards were already 48" long.  I went with 30" tall so it would hold the 12"x12" format scrapbooks comfortably.  I hadn't bought my pocket jig at this point yet so I just used glue and screws stratigically so they are mostly hidden.  I already had some trim so I threw some of that on there to cover a couple flaws. 

I then made the bulletin board hanging below it.  It is a ceiling tile cut in half and painted the wall color.  I used the miter saw (yikes!) and even made some awesome 45 degree joints for the frame!  Before I added the frame, I fastened some ribbons criss-crossed to tuck things behind.  This picture doesn't show the final addition: some undercabinet lighting. 

Now I just need to build a new TABLE to go under it!

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Finish Used: 
several coats white paint -behr interior semi-gloss I already had.
Estimated Cost: 
about $25