Simple Outdoor Collection

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About This Project


The outdoor bench was my first Ana project. It was so easy and rewarding that I immediately set out to build the rest of the set!

Required Skill Level: 
Starter Project
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
dark deck stain


I'm like you, I fell in love with the bench first! But the entire collection is stunning! Can't wait to give it a try - beautiful job!!!

The road to success is always under construction.

And thanks for using my bench as the index photo for your plan.  I'm giddy like a little schoolgirl about it.  :)  Thanks for all that you do!

I honestly don't remember the exact total cost for this project. I made all of this last spring. I would say that for all of it, it was probably in the $200-300 range. Which is at least $500 cheaper than buying something similar!! I did end up buying some cushions for the chairs to make them more comfy. But I got those on clearance at Lowe's so it didn't add too much to the project's total. We ate dinner out there as much as possible last summer and I can not wait for spring to come again this year.

Also - a good hint for those of us in snowy areas, I attached the legs of the table with big bolts instead of screws so they easily came off when it was time to store the set in the garage last fall.

No, I did not use treated lumber.  Instead I used the deck stain and sealant which claims that it will protect my wood from the elements.  And poly on top of that.  So far, so good.  But of course, it has only been one season.  As I mentioned before, I put it away for the nasty winter that we got here.  The real test will be in the next few seasons.  Hopefully it will hold up!

Your set looks great!  How comfy are the chairs?  Do you think you (I?) could fit some big cushions on them?  They really are lovely.


The chairs are actually very roomy.  And were therefore less comfy than I wanted and actually very tricky for my kids to sit on.  So I did buy cushions.  I got them at Lowe's last year on clearance and they fit perfectly and make the set so much comfier, not to mention cuter!  Thanks to Ana for thinking ahead and making the plans in a standard size for store bought chair cushions!!

thank you for all of your advice, I'm heading out now to start 2 benches!!! excited!!!

I went over the plans for this a dozen times and the numbers don't add up. I showed the plans to my wife and she said the same thing. If you use 11" slats then the depth of this bench just can't be 18". Has anyone else noticed this? Also I got a little confused at the beginning because the two photos of the bench are not exactly the same. Look at the legs.

You are forgetting to add the 2 1x4 seat sides. Correct on the legs........highly recommend putting the extra 4 leg boards on as shown in the pictures to make it more sturdy.

Hello Ana,

These are great plans. Thank you so much for posting them online.

I have recently discovered Google sketchup too, and was planning to make some files and contribute them to the site until I read that you are already using it.

Is it possible to get your sketchup files on the plan pages? It really helps me to see and plan the items in 3d.

Thanks again for a great site!

What if instead of cutting the chair legs with an angle I just used 2x2 straight? Do you think that would work?