many plans are in your To Do List?

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Joined: 2011-02-12 21:43 many plans are in your To Do List?
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I'm not ashamed...I have 61!!!  LOL!  A couple of them are just so I have a choice from a few different plans when we get around to building it, though.  But how many plans do you have saved?  =)

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But I don't have the excuse of the "alternative" plans - they are all different things that I want to build  How crazy is that??? lol

The road to success is always under construction.

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i thought I was over the top...

I thought I was over the top in how many plans I have that I want to build.

I have 19 bookmarked.

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Haven't added all to my to-do-list

I'm adding more and more in my head but haven't thrown it in the to-do list.  Its crazy just walk around and say "Oh I could build that and that and that."  Went to my husband's grandad's very rustic cabin this weekend.  And had to take out the tape measure and measure the loft to plan better sleeping arrangements for everyone.  So, even though my to-do list isn't that long yet, it will be.  :)


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I haven't started adding

I haven't started adding since the site switched over, but I'd bet it would be at least a couple of dozen or more.

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Projects waiting for wood

10+ but I just got the Kreg jig 4 weeks ago and saw this site 2 weeks ago and have been busy building.

Now I have run out of my scrap wood.. Ready to cut down some trees.

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this is going to sound bad

I am not very computer savy. I have added things to my to-do list but i dont know how to get to it to view my list help