Storage beds with corner unit & a cubby shelf, too!

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We did these beds for my 8 and 12yo daughters, who were ready to leave the bunkbeds to their little sisters.  We altered the plan just a little to make it a bit taller (I originally wanted the hutch as well, but as you can see in the picture, we  have a strange wall cutout to deal with and it wouldn't fit.) They picked white, so we did 3 coats of white semi-gloss.  I did leave the sides open to the middle for storage options.  We also made the cubby bookshelf to match.  We now have 4 girls in that room (the bunkbeds went to the 5 and 3yo on the other side of the room) and everyone is happy and the room does not feel crowded since we have the extra storage.


I was just browsing through and wanted to say that you did a great job! I have been thinking of making these for my girls. Any helpful hints? :D

Aw, thank you!!  It was a pretty easy straight-forward plan to follow...the only thing I would do differently would be to use MDF for the corner unit for the smoothness factor.  Even with some putty fill in the plywood looks bumpy up close....:)  I would love to see your beds when you are done!!

I love the way these beds really open up a room. I am planning on doing this for my sons room and it is nice to see how wonderful they turn out! Great job :)