Who has a router?

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Who has a router?
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If you do, do you love it?  What are the pros?  What are the cons?  What brand do you have?  What all have you done with it?  Thanks!

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I have one ... it's not often

I have one ... it's not often used, but if you want to cut a nice clean hole in a countertop, or make a fancy shaped hole, nothing works better. Smoother, cleaner cut than a jigsaw.

Also nice with a "round off bit" for knocking off the sharp edges on a table top or bench.

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The possibilities of a router

The possibilities of a router are endless.  You can make decorative edging or make dovetails, rabbits and many other joint types.

I've got a Bosch colt and it's great.  I also have a larger DeWalt but usually use the Bosch.

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My router

It's quite old, possibly older than me. Stainless steel body, but I don't remember who the manufacturer is.

They're amazingly useful, especially if you need to duplicate parts with a pattern bit. They're also good for putting a nice decorative edge on something, and I've used them to carve dados for cabinet construction.

A use I haven't put mine to yet, but want to, is cutting mortises for a mortise and tenon joint.  There's a tool called a horizontal slot mortiser that is slightly better though.