About Ana White

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Hi there, it's me, Ana White!  
I am a mother and homemaker from Alaska.  This is my daughter Grace.  We are working on the Momplex, a duplex we are DIYing for my mother and mother-in-law in Alaska!
I like to build things, especially things made of wood.  As a child, my idea of fun was salvaging old boards, pounding the nails out, and building forts in the woods of Alaska.  In college and beyond, I spent my Friday nights painting furniture I found just about anywhere.
Always too afraid of power tools, I constantly would think, I could make that, if someone would cut the boards for me.  So it's no surprise that I married the first man that was building something on our first date.  You know him as the Ram (short for Real Alaska Man).
When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, we were living in the garage, saving to build a house.  I drew up a plan on graph paper and we started building.  My husband broke his ribs framing the house, I got over my power tool phobia, and my daughter learned to crawl on a cold garage floor because there is only so much one family can do in a short Alaska summer, building paycheck to paycheck.
It's not a big house, and the countertops are granite tiles, not a slab.  But it is our house, and we did build it, all by ourselves, board by board, and we couldn't be more proud.
When we built our home, it wasn't like what time are the contractors coming.  Instead, it was like honey, I'll hold the board, and you nail.  And I would close my eyes and squeeze the nailgun trigger.
And guess what?  I discovered that using power tools was really not that bad, and that building was fun, and with the right plan, easy.  Because if I could build something, anyone can.
It all began with my Farmhouse Bed.  With no money and little time with a fussy newborn baby, we slept on a mattress on the floor.  All those endless nights, I would stare up at the wood ceiling, wondering how I could build a Farmhouse Bed.  And one day, I drew a plan up, a plan that called for minimal cuts, basic materials, and easy techniques - something I could build despite having a newborn baby.  
I was even surprised that it turned out so well.  Many years later, we still sleep on this very bed, built from some scraps from that very same wood ceiling, and about $80 in new lumber.  
In the years that followed, I became obsessed with building, sneaking out to the garage for even a spare few minutes to build. 
My greatest joy was helping others discover building.  In October of 2009, while reading a friends blog - though not quite sure what a blog was myself -  I clicked on a link "Get Your Own Free Blog" and started blogging my plans.
At first, I hand drew out my plans, as I was clueless about 3D programs.  Eventually, I downloaded Google Sketchup and learned the program so I could create better diagrams for my readers.
Blogging has become so much more than just a means of sharing my plans with others.  I've made dear, dear friends, I've been inspired, and my readers have challenged me to build things that even I though not possible. I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to do what I love for a living.
We've got lots of exciting plans for the site, and I hope that you visit often, track me down and say hello.  I can't promise something else won't get in the way - you know the drill, dishes, dinner . . . - but I can promise this: I give my absolute best and I am truly blessed to have your support.  Thank you.  <3 Ana
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