Apothecary Media Console

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3/4 inch mdf, 3/4 inch birch hardwood plywood, pine planks for table top, 1/4 inch mdf for faux drawers

My husband and I worked on this in the evenings.  It took us about a month, just because we didn't have the time to devote all at once.  We modified Ana's plans for the Apothecary Media Console to accomodate a surround sound bar in the center and to custom fit our baskets.  We went with 4 cupboards to keep a uniform look.  The faceplates were painted before we permanantly attached them with gorilla glue. . . one of the last steps.  The finished cabinet is approximately 86 inches wide by 33 1/2 inches tall by 18 1/2 inches deep. 

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
wood filler, gorilla glue, minwax wood stain - dark walnut, minwax wipe on poly, Valspar color match interior latex paint, Valspar clear mixing glaze, Glaze mixed with Olympic paint sample satin "Pumpernickel", polycrylic, 150 fine sandpaper
Estimated Cost: 


This looks absolutely fantastic. You can tell how much time was put into the finishing process, and the build overall. Great job, this is so inspiring

(GASP!)  This is BEAUTIFUL!!!  I've been wanting to make this but didn't think the teal would match, and thought white would be too bland.  Boy, was I wrong!  Oh, I'm so excited to make this now!  Nice job, guys!

You did a great job!  Isn't is awesome to make furniture that fits your components.  I bet it would have been difficult to get something to fit the surround sound that would also look this great.  I made the cabinet too and I still get comments on it.  I am sure people will love your cabinet for years and years.

I've wanted this console since Ana first posted the plans, but haven't seen a finish that made me go "ahhh!!!" until I saw yours. I'm soooo going to steal your idea! Thanks for sharing!

Sorry, I tried to help you out with step 7 but I can't seem to get it either.

*I need help with the Weatherly Pergola- When I click on it, it says access denied.

I get the same message.  I'll have to log in later to see if it changes.  We're wanting to build a pergola.  This looks like it might work for us.

I love this!!! I gotta admit, I am a little jealous of what a beautiful piece you have. Definitely on my to do list!


Love this piece! We actually in the last few days have built this and were wondering what paint you used for the top and the cream color. What steps did you use? Did you prime it first?
Very inspired : )


I didn't prime. I applied 2 coats of Valspar satin paint, sanding until smooth between each coat. The Valspar paint has no color code. It was a color match can that we already had. It matches our baseboards. It's actually really white. After the last paint coat I distressed and then applied a light glaze of Valspar pumpernickel over the distressed areas. i topped it with 2 polycrylic coats, sanding between coats.


Would you mind sharing the measurements for the doors and the inside shelves for the middle doors along with any more detailed information that you have for this specific size and style cabinet? I LOVE the way you have changed this plan and would like to make one very similar, if not the same. I really appreciate your help! My email address is mgriffin25@hotmail.com

I would love the measurements that Mindy asked for as well (doors, inside shelves, etc)! I'm going to create this over the summer, and I adore your design!!! I looked for all of the measurements on your blog but couldn't find them! If you don't mind posting or emailing them to be that would be amazing! Thanks for sharing! ohhhdeer@yahoo.com


Sorry girls, the measurements just aren't exact. We kind of overestimated and the shaved some off here and there until it looked the way we wanted it to. Follow Ana's plans to the best of your ability and you can't go wrong. All I can really tell you is that the faux squares on the fronts of the doors are 9 1/2 inches square with about an inch to 1 1/2 inches in between. The faux fronts hang over the edges of the door, creating a stop so the door doesn't swing inward.

My wife and I are in love this piece. I have several questions regarding the type of plywood that you used and your experience of working with the materials. What grade plywood did you buy? Does it have a veneer core or a MDF core? Any issues with voids between the plies? Approximate cost per sheet? Did you apply a veneer to the cut ends of the plywood, so that the paint/stain would have a cleaner look? Sorry for all of these really specific questions, but I am going to be undertaking this project very soon, and I am interested in your thoughts.

You two are very talented!!! When i saw this, i swear i had to do a double take. Because it looks sooo much like the real deal. Loved your little touches to it. The whide Andover Console is actually my favorite!!
Great job guys!!! Keep posting your pics from future jobs!

COuld this cabinet be made by a beginner if I bought all the required tools/supplies. I have been looking for this exact cabinet and it is discontinued at Pottery Barn so you can't buy it there anymore?


This is fantastically wonderful! WE are going to be doing the Steampunk look in our new home when we move in the next year and this would go perfectly with that decor! I plan on doing this and the shoe caddy Ana has with the Apothecary doors on it as well to conceal the shoes :) I love this site and all the inspiring brag posts that everyone posts!