Doll House Bookshelf

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My first project from this website.  Made it for my daughter's first birthday! Had a fun time with it. Caulked the joints for a cleaner look, it came out great.

Pine & plywood
Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Caulk, and semi gloss paint!
Estimated Cost: 


I can't remember exactly when, but I was on your site and saw plans for a console table. It was low, had doors and drawers or shelves (I think) and it was red. The name might have had Tao/Taos or something similar in it? I cannot find the plans by searching your newly designed site. Are they still available?
Thank you!
Laura Stearns

To get the plans: Click on the text that says "From Plan "Dollhouse Bookshelf" It's a link to the plans

From Plan: Dollhouse bookshelf

Thank you for providing this great and useful post!I've recently moved in a new house and I still have to decorate some rooms and to contact an air conditioning tucson company in order to fix the cooling system.In the meantime I've started to build this bookshelf doll house as it looks great and my daughter will love to have it in her room.