Fire Truck Bed

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MDF & Pine

I started this project several weeks ago, and I am very happy with the outcome.  Please see my Blog since there is so much information.


Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used: 
I used red & white paint & primer in one.
Estimated Cost: 


The lights will work once we get them wired up, that is the last step and waiting on my friend to help me with it.  I am adding 2 red beacon lights and will have them all wired to a toggle switch so he can turn them on.  Thanks for looking and your comments!

hi i was jusy wondring howm you got the front box to stay secure on the bed as my boy would climb in if i put it on there so how is it done have you got the actual blueprints for it thanks

If the box is bolted to the rails of the bed with 1/4 inch carriage bolts, and if the bottom of the box is 3/4 plywood screwed or nailed to the bottom of tghe box, it's not going to fall off.

My kids would go nuts for this!! My girls just moved to bunkbeds and my son is about six months from transitioning out of his crib, I have been looking for something that would be as cool for him as what the girls have. This is inspiring! Love it!! Great job!

My son thinks this is fantastic. I better get my finger out and start creating.

If my boys were just a few years younger, I would offer the most sincere form of flattery and copy you! You did a great job! I am sure your little man is loving it. 

My 4yo just asked for one.  Too bad you just got his new bed, though it's not nearly as cool as this!!

My 4yo just asked for one!!  Too bad he just got his new bed, though it's not nearly as cool as this one!!

You've just raised the bar pretty high for when we build new beds for our boys.   My three year old just declared that, "super cool!"  :)  Truly amazing!

This is the coolest bed ever!  Makes me wish I had a little boy to build one for:-)  I read your blog post and I just gotta tell you that the details are amazing!!  Like how you choose the number 23 and the decal with your son's name.... He's a lucky little boy!

This bed is AWESOME!  I dare not show my 5-year old!  =)  Can you post video when the lights are up and running?  And will there be sound, too?  LOL!

The "siren" that is in the Fire Truck bed is from one of his toy fire trucks.  I took apart the toy truck and took out the "control panel" that makes all the sounds and the speaker/battery compartment.  I built a box around it, it is the white thing to the right of the steering wheel in the pictures.  You just push the buttons and it makes fire truck noises.  Not loud at all and does not stay on.  It is the same thing that is on the toys at Wal*Mart or Target.

On the lights, the red ones that are on there now are just trailer lights from Wal*Mart and adding 2 red beacon lights that we already have, will have them all wired to 1 toggle switch next to steering wheel.  Did not want to put one up on the bed for that exact reason, did not want to wake up to them going off and have a panic attack!!

I was going to share this on facebook, then decided not to.  Most of my friends live near me and have toddler boys...I don't want anyone I know personally to take the idea before hubs and I can have a boy!!

Oh man. I'm 29, and I want one of these in sparkly pink and purple with flashing lights and queen size. It would have a horn and I would honk it. This is the coolest thing. You are amazing and this project is amazing. You should feel good about that!

My three year old would kill for this, especially since daddy drives a ladder truck! I wish so much I had the skill and confidence to do this. My father could wire it all up. Oh, boy do I want to make one of these!

You are a man with a vision. I am sure your son loves that bed. Thank you for sharing that with everyone.

I'm with everyone else, this is absolutely AMAZING!!!!

This is absolutely incredible!!! I wish I had the talent to make something like this!!! What a great bed!

I was so worried when I found your playhouse loft bed years ago that my daughter would have the coolest bed ever and her little brother was just going to have a boring bed. No longer, we are so making this as soon as he's old enough. Thank you thank you Ana, I love following your projects.

I may have totally missed it, but where do I find or get the plans to make this bed? Please let me know. Thank you.

Thanks Jeff I will check it husband is a firefighter and our son is just about to turn 2 and he jumps out of his crib so I figure its time to get him a big boy bed! Thanks again...

Laura, you could do anything you wanted really! Will take some creativity on your part and trial & error to figure out how you want it to look. I could see a dump truck for sure, look for one of the giant dump trucks online like this:

See how the stairs are on the front, you could modify the bed to do this as well with the stairs, anyway, good luck and let me know what you come up with!


can you send me the plans on this? I just saw & love your site! Good stuff

There are no formal plans for this bed yet, I have not had time to get Sketch Up and figure it out and put it together. I used the loft bed with stairs as my starting point and just figured it out from there, not a whole lot of major changes actually. I hope to get some plans together for Ana’s site soon.

now i want to find a way to make my son a spaceship bed he loves buzz so it would be fitting!!!