King Farmhouse Bed

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I nagged and begged my husband to help me build a farmhouse bed for months and months.  I would find myself in the law library reading and re-reading the plans and comments when I should have been reading my casebooks and supplements.  Finally, for Christmas, he obliged me and I couldn't be happier.  We LOVE our new bed, even the boxers wanna sleep "in the big bed" now!  We're hoping to start the Apothecary Media Console in the near future - when finals are over!


Just wandering if you could tell me the paint colors and technique you used on your farmhouse bed. I LOVE it! Also is yours the regular king size bed in its regular posistion? (76 inches wide by 80 inches long? I really want to make this bed and just purchased a king size mattress so I would like to get started buying my lumber but am a little hesitant with all the controversy over the measurements not being accurate. Thank You for any help you can give it is muchly appreciated!



Hi Stephanie,

I know what you mean about the measurements, I stressed over that, too.  What we did was measure the mattress in the position we wanted it within the bed (Ana turned hers, we left ours true to form, 76 wide x 80 long.)  We followed the plans for placement purposes but figured out our own measurements.  Instead of following the measurements that are given by the home store, we just did our own measuring to make sure.  We decided we wanted the panels to be the exact same width as the mattress, 76 inches.  We then divided 76 by the actual measurement of of wood used for the panel - I think we went with 1x8's, which you know are NOT really 8 inches wide.  It was pretty much up to us to figure out the math.  I will say that the panel pieces were not all even, the two on the ends had to be cut to a custom width to make up the difference.  We also "shaved" edges on our panel pieces, each side, for the concave look at the joints.

As for the finish.  We sanded then primed (white primer) and then sanded lightly again.  Then we painted With Behr - Silk Pillow (it's part of their whites collection) in a Satin finish.  Once that was dry I sanded the edges with a palm sander and block sander.  I used a tack cloth to get the dust off thoroughly.  Then I used a foam brush to apply stain (Minwax Wood Finish - English Chestnut 233) over an entire section making sure to saturate the exposed wood from sanding, then wiped everything off with old T-shirts as rags.  Once that was dry (it took a couple of days) I sprayed with a canned sealer in a matte finish (Krylon I think.)

I hope that helps.  If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at

Good Luck,


This bed is awesome...can't wait to make mine.  I also love the finish.  How did you do that? What did you use?

It turned out fabulous and I'd like to make one too. My main comment is about your bedding - I love the colors! Could you tell me where you got the duvet/coverlet? It's pretty floral without being to feminine.