King Farmhouse Bed

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About This Project

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Antique White Finish: *Primed with white primer *Painted with Behr Silk Pillow - Satin finish *Sanded edges to expose wood (rotary palm sander and palm block sander) *Applied Minwax English Chestnut Stain over whole surface using foam brush being sure to saturate exposed wood areas *Used old T-shirts to wipe away excess stain *Sprayed with matte clear sealer (Krylon)
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Your bed turned out beautiful. I am now working on a modified version of
the farmhouse bed and have been toying around with the big question:

To distress or not to distress?

think your version may have convinced me. It looks great, timeless.
Even with the crisp-clean board and batten on your walls, I must say it
is a nice contrast. Good Job!

I struggled with the same question and I have to admit I'm so very happy I chose to distress.  Believe it or not, the white I painted the bed (Behr - Silk Pillow) before using the stain was the exact same paint I used on my board and batten wall.  Distressing and wipe-staining totally warmed the piece up, but it still flows perfectly with the white in the room (because it's the same!).  We're preparing to build matching Farmhouse Night Stands now and have decided to distress the bottoms using the same technique and use the stain (Minwax Chestnut) on the tops and I'll definitely be posting pictures of those when they're done, too.

Thanks for the comment and Good Luck with your bed!


I am strugglingt to finish this bed and yours looks amazing.  Can you please tell me how you connected the frame for the bed to sit on to your headboard and footboard. i keep thinking that mine is too heavy. I would really appreciate your help.



I had the same fears and issues so we decided to not use the metal frame for our bed.  Instead, my husband built a frame from wood.  He screwed the frame directly to the insides of the 4x4 posts that flank the head and foot boards.  Then we covered the frame with the siderails.  The wooden frame was screwed in low on the posts - I believe following Ana's measurements from the floor up (if memory serves, 21 inches from the floor).  This allowed for the boxspring to nestle down and in and then simply place our mattress on top.  Our bed is markedly higher than it was when we only used the metal frame, which we've come to really like.

I hope that helps, if not, feel free to ask more questions.  Good Luck!


How did you drop the box spring down in the frame? Also, would you mind sharing where you got your bedding?

We just built a raw wood support frame that consisted of a 4-sided wooden frame and then attached support beams from 1 side to the other. We then attched this frame to the insides of the 4x4 posts that flank either side of the head and foot boards (my husband placed some kind of paper membrane between the 2 wood surfaces to deal with squeaks - update: rosin paper). The siderails are not functional, except that they keep the boxspring in place, they simply hide the sides of the boxspring - so that's the "dropping down", behind the siderails, that I think you referenced.

The bedding is all from Pottery Barn:
Quilt & Euro Shams - Silk & Velvet reverse sided pick-stitch in Sandlewood
Duvet Cover & Standard Shams - Marie pattern (discontinued but probably still available on ebay)

Just wondering...what lumber did you use to build the raw wood frame? Would you mind "describing" it to me? Thnx

Hi Tasha,

I think we just used regular 2x4's. The best way I can describe it is that it looked like a very wide ladder. My husband is building a second bed (queen size) for one of the guest rooms now, I will try to remember to take pictures when it happens. We're currently working on a bathroom renovation (including building a vanity) and so it could be a few weeks to a few months before that happens. Sorry I couldn't 'be of more help today!

We followed your paint and stain choices to the letter and were rewarded with an amazing looking piece of furniture!.... ThanxJosey

Your bed is just beautiful! Can you elaborate on the finish. I followed the paint and stain finish as you described and it looks significantly darker than your bed. Is it possible that I am not removing enough of the stain? After the primer how many coats of paint did you apply? Did you brush or roll the paint? And I am assuming you sanded between coats, right? Maybe its the wood, did you just use pine? Sorry for all the questions, But I am getting ready to make the bed and night stands and I am using the current piece to get the technique down. Any info would be greatly appreciated!


I'm so sorry I haven't been on the site in a while. I did wipe most of the stain off. I hand painted, and did not sand between coats. I primed, painted 2 coats, then sanded to remove paint from edges. I applied the stain using a foam brush, and wiped off almost immediately. If you use a damp rag to wipe, more stain comes off.