King Sized Farmhouse Bed

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My first attempt at one of Ana's beautiful projects, and it turned out better than I (and my wife) could have imagined. I made this for our 14th anniversary as we have not had a bed during that time. I used Jacobean colored stain, which I wasn't sure of, but as luck would have it, a neighbor who is a professional painter drove by and stopped to check it out. He offered to lacquer it in a satin finish for free!!! and it made a world of difference. I have received several comments on how it looks showroom quality. My wife is very happy. Only problem is she now wants the Farmhouse nightstand and a matching dresser. Looks like I have many more weekends worth of work ahead of me. Wouldn't have it any other way though. Had a blast!

Required Skill Level: 
Estimated Time Investment: 
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used: 
Min-Wax Jacobean and Satin Lacquer
Estimated Cost: 


Wow is all I can say. It looks gorgeous! Did you do anything for the center support by chance? My husband and I want to build this but I, being a big girl and my husband being a big man, am afraid that it won't hold up in the middle. I keep reading what people are doing when they build these, but so far, no one has really mentioned whether they added extra support in the center of the bed or not.

Thanks in advance for your reply and again.. .great job. Looks spectacular!


Hey Tracey,

I asked a lot of people about that as well, and never got a real good explanation. I am still using our metal bed frame for now, but am in the process of working this out. Let me know if you come up with any good plans. Thank you for the complement.


We built this same bed and I can assure you the supports underneath are very good! This bed isn't going anywhere. A hurricane could come through our house and this bed would still be standing. It is very heavy duty. The support under the mattress is so great in fact that it completely changed how our mattresses feel.


Thanks for replying to the message... I'm still concerned about it. We tend to toss and turn a bit and like I mentioned before, we're big people. I'll look at the plans one more time. Did you follow her plans for the king sized bed? Do you use a boxspring? I'm just still trying to conceptualize this before we build it and I guess I"m a bit dense.. LOL. Thanks again for the post, it does give me encouragement to go ahead and build the bed of our dreams!

I have to laugh at myself... maybe it's the hour, maybe it's cause I spend so much time trying to build an entire piece in my mind that I forget to stop and look around once in awhile. I just went over to the Queen sized bed and looked at how she did the supports on that one.... I get it now. Did you do yours the same way? If so, it's no wonder it's so sturdy! Thanks for your patience and putting up with silly questions.. LOL

Thank you Ana for all your plans. You make it so easy for us, I'm so glad my friend suggested I look at your site, it's changed our lives.. for real!

Thanks sherrilyrem for your reply... again. I do appreciate it!

LOVE THIS BED!! but im confused as to how to change ana's plans to incorporate a boxspring.. any help?

Thanks for the compliment. I too was/am confused about the king box spring. I currently have my bed, inside the bed frame, sitting on the original metal bed frame you get with beds. I have my side rails attached to the posts via heavy duty metal brackets. I was going to attach 2x4 runners, going from side to side, by way of small joist brackets attached to the inside of the side rails. I decided that was a bit overkill, but haven't thought to much more about it. As it is though, if you use the original metal bed frame, it will sit inside the bed frame, and you wont really notice the legs of it sitting inside the side rails unless you are looking for them. That is how mine is if you want an idea of how it looks height wise that way.